Thursday, May 31, 2007

16 weeks 2 days

Garritygal....Seriously? Bananas and sour cream? I have eaten cucumbers and sour cream but never bananas.

Yeah I have this one co-worker that is a total biotch. She is like 50 something and acts like she is some 13 year old emo kid with a major bitch gene. The world is so terrible, everyone hates me woe is me. She despises me and will spend a whole day following me around trying to find something negative to say to my boss about the job I have done. Except any attempt on her part to get me in trouble goes in my bosses ear and out the other. My boss loves me. I can't help it if I am younger, smarter, and cuter. So this lady just talks major shit about me to my co-workers. There are only a few people in my department and the one normal one work afternoons so basically I am screwed. SO I just sit in my office and surf the net lol. Maybe I will start working on that book though....definitely a good idea hee.

I have the worst friggin headache today. I don't know if it is sinuses and a bit of allergies or what but I am ready to shrivel up in a ball and pass the eff out. It started during my 3 mile lunch walk. As did the queasy stomach. Not liking that too much though it is definitly deterring me from eating. Anyhow I had to go home and DD had softball so I had to go to that. I offered her a dollar to slide into home when she got walked in from third. It was well spent cash. Hilarious. She is getting to be the little softball diva. She has her pink batting helmet and has decided that rolling up her sleeves to tan is a good idea lol.

Well I have worked out 29 days this month. Some days more than once. Now that it is the end of the month I am kinda of pissed about the two days that I missed. I did hit my goal of 20 days with 30 minutes of exercise. But I am issuing a new challenge to myself next month. I want to workout every day for at least 60 minutes. Whether it be 60 straight minutes or broken up into 30 minute sessions and dammit I am going to do it. I have one more week to get my bike mileage up to 12 miles at a time. I am totally going to ride my bike to work. Plus that will take care of my 60 minutes of cardio lol.

I weigh in tomorrow. I am freaked out. I have to stop being so hard on myself. This surgery is not a bypass. It does not work like that. It is slow and I have to do the work myself. I have worked my ass off this week and really want it to show in the numbers. I am almost out of the 230's. 2 more pounds and I am out. I would really like to see that tomorrow. Honestly I would love 4 pounds because that mean NEW SHOES!!!!! Oh and it means I have officially hit 50 pounds lost. But I don't want to expect too much. I just have to make sure I take off my shoes and empty my pockets when I get on the scale. At any rate I will check in tomorrow with my weigh in. I am out. I gotta get some sleep!

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