Tuesday, May 22, 2007

May 22nd...15 weeks out.

So someone told me I should start a blog about my weight loss surgery journey. That was about a month ago. Well what the heck I guess it is about high time I log something about what is going on with me. So lets start here, 15 weeks and 44 pounds down in my "new life". People are noticing I am smaller but I am still big. Heck my poor daughter was teased yesterday about her Mommy being fat. Luckily she is good kid and told the other girl not to talk bad about her Mommy because Mommy is losing weight and will be skinny soon. Bless her heart. My 6 year old has more confidence in me than I do. Okay anyhow back on track here. I had bariatric surgery on Feb 6, 2007. When most people hear the term "bariatric" they automatically think of a gastric bypass. You know where they slice and dice your innards and reconnect a new baby stomach right to the poop shoot? Okay well maybe not quite like that but anyhow that's not the procedure I had done. I had a Lap-Band installed. I say installed because that's pretty much what they did. The Lap Band is a silicone implant, sort of comparable to a baby inner tube. It is wrapped around the top of the stomach creating a small pouch so I can only eat a little bit of food at a time. The "inner tube" is connected to a small port that lies under my skin in the center of my stomach via a tube. Now this band can be adjusted to make the hole from the smaller top pouch of my stomach bigger or smaller depending on how much fluid is injected or withdrawn through the port. Think of the upper small pouch of my stomach and the larger lower portion as and hour glass. The more fluid injected in the band will make it tighter around my stomach and make the opening between the upper and lower parts smaller. The smaller the hole, the less I can eat and the slower it moves into the lower pouch. The larger the opening the faster the food moves through. Pretty easy science. Except I really try to cheat it sometimes. You can move the food away from the fat girl but you can't get the fat girl away from the food.

I really thought this would be much easier than it is. Don't get me wrong I am not complaining. I feel great. I have lost 44 pounds which is pretty much the most I have ever lost at one time. But if anyone thinks that surgery is the easy way out they are sorely mistaken. This is the hardest thing I have done in my life. I still have to watch what I am eating. Sure I have to eat less but this band can only do so much work. Some foods will go right on down if I keep shoving it in my face. Ice cream, milk shakes, crunchy snacks (chips, etc) are all very bad foods. I still have to diet to lose weight. I still have to exercise to lose weight. The only difference is that I can't eat a lot at once. But I could eat a little every hour if I wanted to. But that would defeat the purpose. And we are trying really hard to not do that.

Anyhow so right now my life consists of a liquid diet. But only for the rest of the day. I had a fill yesterday so that means two days of liquids. It's not so bad since I am not hungry. I eat more because I am bored not because I am hungry. And my exercising. Yeah that has been fun. At least it is getting better. I am enjoying it more and wanting to do it. I walk three miles at work everyday. I have a walking partner who also had the crazy idea with me that we were going to do a 5K in July. Yeah I am a big girl and she is a smoker. We are not planning on finishing anywhere above last and next to last. It is a race to see which of us is going to lose lol. Hell I am going to be happy to finish within an hour! So I have begun training for that. I have to run for 3 whole minutes today. I'll let you know tomorrow how much oxygen they had to give me at the hospital when it is all said and done.

Well I have some yogurt calling my name. Did you know that yogurt and sugar free pudding are considered full liquids? Yeah me either.

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garritygal said...

Hey Stacy,,I noticed your comment about not liking work..and co-workers talking about you. Well,keep losing the weight, keep blogging it,,and maybe you can write a funny book about weight loss...make a few bucks,,do the talk show circuit,,etc. There's a million books written about weight loss and before we die there will be another million, so why not??

ANyway, I read most of your blog while eating sour cream and bananas..(had a wisdom tooth pulled today,,that was my dinner)..
Even though I'm 100 or more pounds overweight, I exercise,,but I eat the wrong crap. I will
binge on ice cream and garbage like that, I just can't have it around...

You are doing great,,your exuberance is contagious, and I love the comment "if you are looking for inspiration look somewhere else"..thanks for doing this blog,,it will probably help a lot more people than you think,,hopefully,others will read it and you will get feedback.
Start showing pictures too,,buy a new size and show us...:)