Thursday, May 24, 2007

So I didn't die...

from the running I did the other night. Actually I think I could have gone farther. Pretty impressive for 235 pounds. I cannot wait until I can actually run long distances. This exercise thing is really starting to leach on the me. I am getting a bit obsessive about it, which is fine by me because I am actually enjoying it. I love taking my 3 mile trek during lunch at work. I am loving being outside. I can't wait until I build up enough endurance to ride my bike the 12 miles to work and the 12 miles home (not only because I want to but this $3.59 per gallon is killing my budget right now). I played softball with both of my kids last night for about an hour which was probably one of the funnest things I have done in a long time. I know I am their Mom and maybe a little biased but I really do have the most incredible kids on the planet. I don't think there is anything that my daughter can't do. She amazes me everyday with how good she is at everything. She loves school and is an awesome student. I mean the kid is in Kindergarten and she is reading 2-3 grade short novels. She has passed all of her addition and subtraction math facts and is on multiplication. Multiplication in Kindergarten? Her class is a K/1 split and she does all of her academics with the first graders. She is doing great in her dance class and loves going there. Yesterday her and I were practicing pitching for the first time since her softball team does not have a pitcher and she was just doing a great job at it. And Jared is so great too. As much of a little trouble maker he can be he is one smart cookie. He can work a computer better than I can. He is a little sponge and his sister keeps trying to teach him everything she knows. He was trying to bat yesterday (and doing a darn good job at it) and Korrine was pitching to him. She kept telling him to just watch the ball from her hand to his bat, and he was hitting pretty darn good for a just turned 4 year old!

Anyhow speaking of softball did I mention I have become the new pitching coach for Korrine's team? Yep I was outed by coaches wife as a former softball player and pitcher and volunteered by them into the position lol. It should be fun and interesting. Have you ever seen 6-8 year olds try and fast pitch a softball? Hehe. I really just want a t-shirt. I will do pretty much anything for a free t-shirt. Hell, that is one of the reasons I want to run the 5K.

So once I got home from Korrine's game yesterday I went for a short bike ride with Dan. Probably only a couple of miles. Let me just say my lungs were fine and my legs were fine. So why stop at two miles? Well my hands were on fire from holding the handles and it felt like someone shoved a boot up my vajayjay. Bike seats are not fat girl friendly. But hey eventually I have to get used to it and maybe figure out how to cop a cheap feel off of it lol. Then maybe I will really enjoy the 12 miles to work!

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