Friday, June 8, 2007

PITAS Anyone?

So why is it that some people in this world are so miserable human beings that they find it necessary to spew their anger on everyone else? The PITA lady I work with is one of those people. She is just the most unhappy individual I have ever encountered and she is not happy unless she is making someone else unhappy. She is all in a huff because she had to call her order in and the lady who took it does not take care of having items overnighted. So she had to wait 4 whole long minutes to call the person who does take care of that when he came in at 8:00. Seriously? 4 minutes. Come on now. Is it that big of a deal that you are muttering things under your breath and telling every single person who walks in this office about it? Big fricken deal. Call the guy and leave a message. Shoot him an email. That's what i do and my stuff gets taken care of. And she has the audacity to say this lady who won't take care of her order is rude. lol. PITA is also supposedly a big time Christian. You sure wouldn't know it by the way she acts. She tries to put up this front by having 400 Jesus pictures in her cubicle but she acts like Satan to every one around her. She is so envious of what everyone else has. She is never just thankful for what she does have. Example- She was upset because she did not have an office. There is a community computer out in the office suite but that was just not good enough. So she bitched and moaned about it over and over until finally they built her a cubicle with some "privacy", which btw was not up to par because there was no locking cabinet in it. She complained until she got the cabinet. So fast forward to 4 months later. I needed a new printer for the job that I was doing. I asked my boss if I could have a new one and about 10 minutes later she handed me the keys to the vacant office we have. So I got an office until the position that was in that office was filled (which we all knew was never going to get filled). Then all of a sudden her cubicle that she just had to have was now deemed "this dumb cubicle". Stacy gets this big office and all I get is this dumb cubicle....I believe that was a direct quote. This lady needs to get over herself.

Anyhow so guess who is getting a new pair of shoes???? I weighed in a 227 this morning. That would be a three pound loss this week!!! So it is time to party. We are having a pot luck today for my co-workers birthday and I think it is okay for me to chow down a bit. Not a lot but a bit. But the shoes could not come at a better time. I have my first 20 minutes run today and I could certainly use the support.

Eating has been going okay. I still get frustrated at some things but it is becoming less of a big deal to me (at least this week!) I definitely have issues with doughy bread but I can eat the crust. So I give my daughter the middle of the garlic bread and I eat the crust. I also bought these new protein bars. Some are Special K and the others are Slim fast. The special K ones are so yummy but have less protein than the Slim Fast (10g for the Special K and 15g for the Slim Fast) but the Slim fast ones are pretty decent too. I might have to start adding them in as meals.

So I am supposed to be riding my bike to work next week. I am not sure if I am going to do it or if i am going to chicken out. Maybe I will just bite the bullet and do it, and if I don't make it in here then I guess i won' have to work that day.

Anyways I am out, I have to go take care of some shit at the always wonderful Secretary of State.

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