Monday, June 4, 2007

Tub of lard

I feel like a fricken tub of lard right now. I ate this damn egg muffin thing that I created in the cafeteria this morning. I really did not think it had the almost 500 calories it had in it. I need to start logging my food before I eat it or at least checking the calorie content in them so I don't feel like such a lard ass later on in the day. Protein shake city here I come. At least for the rest of the day. Good thing there really is no other food in my house besides protein shakes. And Chef Boyardee, but that is for the kids.

I barely got my workout in yesterday. It was supposed to rain so I did not get on the bike in the am. Guess what? It did not rain until later. Grrrrrr. So mad I did not just do it early. So I went to my Mom's and got the kids and took the girl to a birthday party for one of her friends. I am not a very big fan of parties for the kids. Mostly because I usually have no one to talk to there. I feel really left out because I am so much younger than the other Moms. Most of them have 8-10 years on me and I just feel, I don't know, different I guess. The life of being knock up at 19 I guess. But she had fun and so did my son so and that is what is most important. Later on in the day I finally got my exercise in. I did 30 minutes on the treadmill and I was about to pull all my hair out, I was just that bored. Then there was a break in the rain storms so I took the bike out for another 30 minutes. It was pretty fun riding through puddles and mud. I was a little bit messy when I got home. I did about 4.7 miles in 30 minutes, not too shabby for me.

So I did have a bit of a NSV (non scale victory) yesterday. I managed to corral my lower body into a pair of size 17 jeans. Yeah baby I fit in something from the juniors department. It was very tight and not so pretty but dammit those jeans were zipped up. I found a super cute shirt too that I am about 30 pounds away from. I did not buy either of them though I am tempted to go back and get them. I have made it a point to not buy clothes that do not fit me yet but I really want to have this shirt around when I hit 200. I dunno maybe I will make the decision later lol.

My Monday has been incredible thus far. My PITA coworker that hates me has had a rough morning. I really should not be thrilled over someone else's pain and annoyance but this lady is so terrible to me that I don't really care what kind of a person it makes me to be laughing over her. Her, another coworker, and I all rotate position each month. This is a new thing brought on by her constant whining about how she is better than me. To level the playing field my boss said she would have to start doing my job for awhile. This is not what she wanted at all as she thinks she is way more important than me (sounding junior highish yet?) So anyhow PITA was doing my job all last month. Well today PITA was starting the other woman's job. Now the job of this other lady is what PITA considers to be the most important job of all so she feels pretty darn special doing it. Special ed maybe. She really has no idea what she is doing. And to top it all off the other lady is not here today. SO not only did she have to do her stuff but she had to do all the other stuff too. She was bitching up a monstrous storm when I was not here at 5am. Why? Because she did not know what she was doing. She is under this impression that I know way more than her and I had all this fabulous training. Um, no. I was the one who got trained in 2 days time by co-workers while the rest of them had weeks of training with the computer person. Seems to be I got the short end of the stick but I am not going to sit around and cry about it. So yeah i got a little bit of pleasure out of her pain. I'm not going to lie. It felt kinda good. And i got to sleep in. Which was fabulous.

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