Sunday, July 8, 2007

So here is a story of my wonderful yesterday.

Let me set the scene up for you....
Yesterday morning I decided to play Tour de Oakwood (pretty much I was trying to ride to work as quickly as possible.) About 2 miles from my house a bee flies into my face and gets into my hair. I am freaking out trying to swat it out because I am deathly afraid of them. I start to swerve right where there is a bunch of landscaping going on and as hard as I try I can't keep myself from falling into the 12 inch deep 6 inch wide ditch that is on the side of the sidewalk. I sort of dove headfirst over the handlebars and landed on this huge piece of plywood and sort of slide along it. Due to the dusty piece of wood I don't have a mark on me but I am covered in dirt. My bike was not so lucky. Chunks of mud everywhere, handlebars turned sideways, cracked pedal, chain popped off. Off course there are several people to witness this and my pride was wounded lol. I was shaking for about 5 minutes and once I calmed down I get ready to hop back on and go. I fix the chain and straighten the handlebars and try to get back on. The wheel is bent to shit and I can't ride it. So I walk the bike two miles home and drive to work.

Lessons I have learned.
1. If I had just been riding in the street I would have just hit the curb and fallen on the grass.
2. Wear a helmet. The main reason I was on the sidewalk was because I don't have a helmet. Funny thing is that probably 10 seconds before the accident I was thinking "Dang I really need to get a helmet". I am pretty lucky all that happened to my head was a little bit of dirt.

Of course later on I ended up with quite a few bruises. I did get my bike fixed and get back out this morning for a 20 mile ride. I also bought a helmet. I thought I was going to feel like an asshole riding with one but honestly I did not even notice it. I felt like a real biker lol.

So at my Friday weigh in I lost 4 pounds. Must have caught up from last weeks 0 pound loss. I am now at 220. I really want to be down below 200 by Labor Day but 20 pounds in just under 2 months is pushing it slightly. I don't want to do this unhealthily. I want it to stay off, not just drop away for a little while. My eating was pretty good this weekend. I went to a wedding (BBQ style) and only had a burger, a little potato salad, few bites of salad and a small piece of cake. Of course it took me about an hour to eat all that lol. Then I had some popcorn at the movies but not any kind of grossly large portion size or anything. This morning I have only had some cottage cheese and I have not been really hungry (though I am getting there now).

Yeah that is pretty much all there is to report.

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