Friday, July 13, 2007

We don't have any apple cider.....

So anyhow not much to report. I am down two more pounds this week which is nothing short of a miracle with Aunt Flo visiting and all. Eating has not been too bad though I have treated myself a little bit. I have done about 55 miles on the bike this week which is not too bad either. SO my weigh in is at 218 which officially puts me in the teens. I am 19 pounds away from this place we fat chicks like to call onederland. I am going to be having myself a 199 party pretty damn soon.

So Terry the Bariatric coordinator at Oakwood has asked me if I can work a few hours in the office on Mondays. I am delighted about the whole thing. I am so tired of the bitches in my department and it will be a breath of fresh air to get the hell out of there for a bit. Maybe I will get lucky and get to be a full time person down there. Oh dreams.

We went to the Taylor fireworks tonight which were nothing short of spectacular. My city knows how to put on a damn good show. They were way better than the downtown ones fo sho. I indulged in an elephant ear and some cotton candy but not in the magnitude I would have pre surgery. The kids ate most of it. When Dan and I were at the elephant ear stand and I had already ordered and paid, Dan saw the apple pie filling you could get put on top. I asked him if he wanted any apples on the side and the lady in the stand yelled out "we don't have any apple cider" Bitch, what the fuck would I do with apple cider in the middle of a carnival? This isn't autumn and I am not picking out a pumpkin. Do they even make apple cider between the months of November and August? Needless to say we were apple free for the evening.

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garritygal said...

Dang Stacy,,,awesome numbers,,just checking in..Debbie