Saturday, December 29, 2007

10 hours in....

My head is pounding. I feel like I have been stuffing my face. I guess I kind of have but not with sugar. Here is today's meal list..

egg white omelet with green peppers and a little bit of mozza cheese
smoothie made of pineapple, egg whites, coconut extract
2 oz roasted almonds
string cheese
grilled avocado sandwich (actually not too bad)
a bit of this tofu-ranch dip I made (again surprisingly good)

So I bought some stuff to make my own salsa so that should be an adventure. The last time I tried cutting up chilies I got it up my nose and burned my arm. I never said I was a good cook. I am going to make a real effort here to not eat the sugar so I guess making my own condiments is going to be part of that. I must say though the ranch dip I made (tofu, ranch dressing packet, lemon juice) is really not that bad. I definitely does not taste like regular dip but it is edible.

Anyhow that is all for now. I am trying to divert myself from the cereal I just poured for my son. First I have to get myself off the crack and then I can work on removing it from everyone else's diet.

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