Friday, December 14, 2007

Wow it has been awhile....

I am one helluva shitty blogger. It has only been about 6 months since my last visit. Let's see if I can do the quick review catch up on my life list....

1.In July I got to go camping with the family.
2.On said camping trip I got pissed at DH and body slammed my bike on the ground in a move that would make Hulk Hogan proud. Cost=$90 in damages.
3. In August I got to take a while week off of work and vacation with my family up north. I got to do lots of riding
4. In September I met up with some sweet ass bikers from LBT to do my first 40+ mile ride.
5. On said bike trip my bike fell off of my carrier into the middle of the expressway thus ending my biking season. Cost of damage still TBD.
6. In October I tried to finally break the 200 mark. Not so successful. But I did run a 5K in 42:42
7. In November I finally did break the 200 pound mark. Thanksgiving came and I did not barf. Life was good.
8. Bring us to December.......

I am down to 195. Losing slower than I would like but I am certainly not denying myself treats so I really can't complain. I have started running on a regular basis which for me is 4 times per week. I do three miles per day during the week and have a long weekend run, which is currently at 6 miles. It's not a ton but it is doing something. I did not think I was improving much with my running since I am hella slow and want to die when I am done, but I realized yesterday that my recovery time after running is hella quick so it must be doing something for me. But definitely sometimes while I am breathing during a run I feel like my lungs must be looking like a 90 year old smokers lungs. I can confidently say that even though I never really smoked much before, I do nto wanna pick up another one, even if I am drinking. Work has been....well work. I am done discussing that subject now lol.

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