Saturday, January 26, 2008

I am so bad at updating....

Well tings are going well. My quest to update the page has pretty much not worked out as well as I would have liked but then again I am been hella busy the last few weeks. My weight is down to 193 which is impressive since we had our girls weekend last weekend and I did not gain the 5 pounds i was expecting. I need to chill out and think like a thin girl. Thin girls don't expect to gain 5 pounds in a weekend. They don't think drinking occasionally will cause massive weight gain. If I want to be normal I have to chill out and start thinking like a normal girl. Weight loss is going well. Slow but well. And I am not really trying to watch what I eat other than the whole vegan thing and my anti sugar campaign. I have had a few slips here and there. I had a piece of pie up north and I had some buttery popcorn last night. I guess it would be different if I were doing this for the suffering of animals and whatnot but since it is for dieting purposes only I guess a cheat here and there is not out of the norm. Two small cheats out of however many time I ate last week is really next to nothing.

Girls Weekend was a blast. We had a great time and it was only 4 of us this year. Friday we hung out at the cabin and drank. Saturday morning we hit up Big boy for breakfast and then went to the bar in town for a few hours. Then we went back to the cabin and relaxed before getting ready to go to the LimberLost inHoughton Lake for TipupTown. We had a damn fine night at the bar. We met these guys that were up there a few years ago. One of which had given Angie head. Apparently she had told him she was kind of a big deal so he and his friends were all trying to figure out who she was. Anyhow every time some walked over they were like "hey so and so there is the girl Jeff ate out 2 years ago". It was fucking hilarious. Probably the most mortifying experience of her life but the rest of us were pissing ourselves over it. Then we went back to their cabin and hung out because there was no way any of us could make the 30 minute drive to Grayling. I slept in the car in -10 degree weather because things were getting a little too heated inside and I wanted nothing to do with that. It was awesome and amazing to be hit on by so many guys at the bar, and get free drinks, and dance but deep down I just missed Dan and wished he could be there. Funny how out of the 4 of us Ang was the only one who was single. Those boys picked the wrong group to bring home for some play. But it was good times. Loves it.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

It's been a few days....

I have been busy as hell this week. My house was a fucking wreck this morning since no one knows how to clean shit around here but me. I think I was home a total of 3 hours this week while not sleeping. UGH. I am looking forward to this lazy weekend to be followed by next weekends laziness (Girl's weekend woot).

So last night Jenn and I took the girls to the Hannah Montana concert. i"m not gonna lie, I had an awesome time. Our seats were in the last row lol. But we were there. We took the girls to Libby LU and they got their hair and nails done before the concert. They had an amazing time. I was so glad we decided to do this, because I think they will remember it forever. And with $30 t shirts they had better.

I am still going strong on my vegan mission. I am now down to 194 so it is definitely helping. I have officially lost all of my weight I gained over Christmas ?(10 pounds) plus and additional pound. So I figure I am about 5 pounds from my lowest adult weight of 189. I am almost there. I only have 16 more pounds to go before I hit 100 pounds lost. I really want it to happen by my band date (Feb 6) but I am pretty sure that is pushing it majorly. 16 pounds in 20 days is not so doable unless you are on the Biggest Loser or something. I don't want to be unhealthy.

Anyhow that's about all for now. I have a 3 mile run to get in tonight and that's pretty much it for me today.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Life blows

That is just pretty much how I feel right now. I know it is PMS. I know it will pass. But every month when it gets so bad I start to wonder if this will be the month I drive my car into a tree for shits and giggles. I hate how fucking ridiculous emotional I get when I am on my period. How fucking mood swingy I get. I think there is something fucking wrong with me. seriously.

I did get my workout in today. I did a resistance class that pretty much kicked my mother fucking ass. My arms are still hurting. In fact sleep is sounding good right now. I'm out.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Can't stop eating

I don't know what it is about today but I can not stop putting food in my mouth. I obviously must be bored. I keep wanting to go back to old habits and just shove my face full of nasty shit. Like spray cheese. Like fucking cheese that comes out of a can has any kind of nutritional value. Hell No. It is nothing but a chemical shit storm. I don't need to be putting that kind of shit into my body. I don't need that shit. I need some good healthy nutritious food. I need to have a fucking piece of fruit or something. A damn fucking salad, though what the fuck do vegans put on their salad? Oil and vinegar? That's like rotten ass to me. I can't understand how the fuck people like vinegar. Smells like shit. Top it off with the no sugar shit and there are about 4 things I can eat. Okay I know that is not true but still. I guess I am just having a pity party and I need to give it up. I am never going to get anything out of pitying myself. It really is an overrated waste of my time and effort. I suppose I should stop bitching and start doing eh? Eventually this is going to be the way of life for me. Food will become less important. Oh fuck. I am about to start my period, now it all makes sense. Maybe I will treat myself with half a Chocolate Larabar later, that might help the cravings. Too bad those things are a bit high in fat, but I am glad they exist. Tasty and will be good for me to use when I start biking again in Spring.

So since it is January I guess I should set some goals or something. Here is what I am looking at.
April- Half Marathon
May-50 mile bike ride
June-Palm (week long ride across Michigan)
July- Triathlon
August-Muddy buddy
September-100 mile ride
October- Full Marathon

That gives me something to look forward to every month. My marathon training plan actually starts in April so it will definitely keep my busy all summer along with my cycling. I can't say I will ever do another marathon, but I want to finish at least 1 in my lifetime. So why not get er done this year. I also will probably throw in a few more local fun runs and rides but those are all TBD. These are the main goals I want to be accomplishing this year. I definitely want to get my plastic surgery done this year also but I am not sure when. Initially I was planning on the beginning of summer but I don't want to be all shacked up when it is so nice out. I want to work out and enjoy my summer. So I am thinking end of November and taking off until the beginning of 2009. Then I should definitely be down to goal and ready to get all fixed up. Plus the weather will suck and I won't want to be outside anyhow. Sounds brilliant to me.

Friday, January 4, 2008

I need to stay away from the PETA website

I can not go back there. I made a concious decision to stop eating meat for health reasons but now I think dairy and eggs are pretty much out the window too. I can not watch those videos again. Hell I could not even make it through them the first time. I am so sick to my stomach right now it is not even funny. I can't even jusitfy eating that shit an longer. Ugh.

Well the resolutionists at the gym are driving me absolutely batty. They need to learn some track etiqutte. If you are going slow you need to stay to the inside. Don't walk the opposite way traffic is flowing. Don't walk in the running lane. Don't stop on the track. Common fucking sense people. It should not be as difficult as you are making it.

So sugar is part of my past now. I gave the kids some M&Ms that we had left over from Christmas and did not even think of wanting them. Definitely a change from last week. I am one week sugar free and one week flesh free. I would love to get this veggie diet in with the rest of the family but I just can't see any of them going for it. Plus the kids nutrition worries me. I don't think I am that knowledgable yet to make sure they are getting what they need. So maybe some time down the line, just not yet.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Black balled

So the no sugar thing is going well. I feel great today despite only getting 3 hours of sleep last night. I had this plan to go buy DH some running shoes to cheer him up after his long morning at the dentist. Well right after I got home from work his temporary crown fell out and we were back to the dentist for a couple more hours. Finally we got to go get the shoes but I have still yet to work out. Soon though, soon.

So last night we go to the bowling alley with some of Hubby's friends (coworkers actually) and a few of their friends. We get there and I spend 10 minutes searching high and low for an acceptable ball. I find one, but the thumb hole was a little small (this become semi relavant later on) Anyhow we go down to our lane and start to bowl. A few frames in a couple come up to the lane next to us. Well the girl must have decided she did not like her ball because she started to use my pretty blue one. Okay no biggie. Well I'll be damned if she did not snatch my ball straight out of the ball return while I was waiting for it in the middle of my frame. Seriously? Who the fuck does that? So I loudly tell my husband I am going to get a new ball since that one had a small thumb hole. I spend 10 more minutes finding a new ball. I bring it back and a few more people join us. We start the next game and the girl is grabbing a new ball each time she was bowling. It got to the point where one of the people with us held her ball on her lap after her turn. So then she does it again. She takes my new ball right out of the ball return in the middle of my fucking turn. She throws it in the gutter again and I tell her it doesn't matter which ball she uses, it is still going in the gutter so stop touching mine. Finally that worked. I also ran into her boyfriend because he had a problem staying in front of his own lane. After the 4th time of stepping in front of me I just plowed into him. They were the most obnoxious people to be sharing lanes with. And the best part would have to be when I looked at the ball return where there were about 5 black balls and 3 other balls and screamed out something about how much I love black balls. The funny part would probably be that I was one of three white people in the entire place. Our whole group of black friends thought it was hilarious though. SO I was the black ball lover all night long.

Nice eh?