Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Black balled

So the no sugar thing is going well. I feel great today despite only getting 3 hours of sleep last night. I had this plan to go buy DH some running shoes to cheer him up after his long morning at the dentist. Well right after I got home from work his temporary crown fell out and we were back to the dentist for a couple more hours. Finally we got to go get the shoes but I have still yet to work out. Soon though, soon.

So last night we go to the bowling alley with some of Hubby's friends (coworkers actually) and a few of their friends. We get there and I spend 10 minutes searching high and low for an acceptable ball. I find one, but the thumb hole was a little small (this become semi relavant later on) Anyhow we go down to our lane and start to bowl. A few frames in a couple come up to the lane next to us. Well the girl must have decided she did not like her ball because she started to use my pretty blue one. Okay no biggie. Well I'll be damned if she did not snatch my ball straight out of the ball return while I was waiting for it in the middle of my frame. Seriously? Who the fuck does that? So I loudly tell my husband I am going to get a new ball since that one had a small thumb hole. I spend 10 more minutes finding a new ball. I bring it back and a few more people join us. We start the next game and the girl is grabbing a new ball each time she was bowling. It got to the point where one of the people with us held her ball on her lap after her turn. So then she does it again. She takes my new ball right out of the ball return in the middle of my fucking turn. She throws it in the gutter again and I tell her it doesn't matter which ball she uses, it is still going in the gutter so stop touching mine. Finally that worked. I also ran into her boyfriend because he had a problem staying in front of his own lane. After the 4th time of stepping in front of me I just plowed into him. They were the most obnoxious people to be sharing lanes with. And the best part would have to be when I looked at the ball return where there were about 5 black balls and 3 other balls and screamed out something about how much I love black balls. The funny part would probably be that I was one of three white people in the entire place. Our whole group of black friends thought it was hilarious though. SO I was the black ball lover all night long.

Nice eh?

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