Saturday, January 26, 2008

I am so bad at updating....

Well tings are going well. My quest to update the page has pretty much not worked out as well as I would have liked but then again I am been hella busy the last few weeks. My weight is down to 193 which is impressive since we had our girls weekend last weekend and I did not gain the 5 pounds i was expecting. I need to chill out and think like a thin girl. Thin girls don't expect to gain 5 pounds in a weekend. They don't think drinking occasionally will cause massive weight gain. If I want to be normal I have to chill out and start thinking like a normal girl. Weight loss is going well. Slow but well. And I am not really trying to watch what I eat other than the whole vegan thing and my anti sugar campaign. I have had a few slips here and there. I had a piece of pie up north and I had some buttery popcorn last night. I guess it would be different if I were doing this for the suffering of animals and whatnot but since it is for dieting purposes only I guess a cheat here and there is not out of the norm. Two small cheats out of however many time I ate last week is really next to nothing.

Girls Weekend was a blast. We had a great time and it was only 4 of us this year. Friday we hung out at the cabin and drank. Saturday morning we hit up Big boy for breakfast and then went to the bar in town for a few hours. Then we went back to the cabin and relaxed before getting ready to go to the LimberLost inHoughton Lake for TipupTown. We had a damn fine night at the bar. We met these guys that were up there a few years ago. One of which had given Angie head. Apparently she had told him she was kind of a big deal so he and his friends were all trying to figure out who she was. Anyhow every time some walked over they were like "hey so and so there is the girl Jeff ate out 2 years ago". It was fucking hilarious. Probably the most mortifying experience of her life but the rest of us were pissing ourselves over it. Then we went back to their cabin and hung out because there was no way any of us could make the 30 minute drive to Grayling. I slept in the car in -10 degree weather because things were getting a little too heated inside and I wanted nothing to do with that. It was awesome and amazing to be hit on by so many guys at the bar, and get free drinks, and dance but deep down I just missed Dan and wished he could be there. Funny how out of the 4 of us Ang was the only one who was single. Those boys picked the wrong group to bring home for some play. But it was good times. Loves it.

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