Friday, January 4, 2008

I need to stay away from the PETA website

I can not go back there. I made a concious decision to stop eating meat for health reasons but now I think dairy and eggs are pretty much out the window too. I can not watch those videos again. Hell I could not even make it through them the first time. I am so sick to my stomach right now it is not even funny. I can't even jusitfy eating that shit an longer. Ugh.

Well the resolutionists at the gym are driving me absolutely batty. They need to learn some track etiqutte. If you are going slow you need to stay to the inside. Don't walk the opposite way traffic is flowing. Don't walk in the running lane. Don't stop on the track. Common fucking sense people. It should not be as difficult as you are making it.

So sugar is part of my past now. I gave the kids some M&Ms that we had left over from Christmas and did not even think of wanting them. Definitely a change from last week. I am one week sugar free and one week flesh free. I would love to get this veggie diet in with the rest of the family but I just can't see any of them going for it. Plus the kids nutrition worries me. I don't think I am that knowledgable yet to make sure they are getting what they need. So maybe some time down the line, just not yet.

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