Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Another day another dollar

Only 7.5 more hours and then I can leave, right? Don't get me wrong, I do like my job. A lot. But sometimes dealing with all of the cranky people I work with just makes me miserable. I don't want to sit on the edge of my bed every weekday morning of my life giving myself a pep talk about coming into work. I shouldn't have to. And I just get so frustrated sometimes looking at all of the dishonesty and corruption going on around here. So many people think they are just entitled to a paycheck. For instance some of the drivers here have hardly any kind of a route to run anymore. They can go home and do their housework, mow the lawn, take a nap, work a second job, whatever. And no one questions it. People can have FMLA leaves (probably the number 1 most abused thing around here) and take every weekend off using this and no one questions it. People can be stalked and made to feel unsafe, go to HR complaining and they don't even question it. It seems like no one in this organization has any balls to do the right thing. Put lowjack on the work vans, investigate medical claims, start providing a safe environment for your employees. It just makes me so angry.

So I am definitely going to the group thing on Saturday. One of my banded friends is going also. I am still having trouble doing things alone. I don't know why I am so anxious about it. Friday I am supposed to be doing this thing at church, joining a small group. I am so nervous about it. I am just socially retarded I think. I am so bad with meeting people and talking to people. I mean once I know them I don't shut up. People I know are shocked to hear me say I am shy. Well I am with new people. It is the meeting and greeting part that scares me.

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