Friday, October 3, 2008

So tired of the BS

I am so sick and tired being treated like some sort of second class citizen. I am generally not rude to people and pretty much just stick to myself at work. There is a woman that works here that is channeling her inner satan on a regular basis. She is just downright mean and evil to me. Rude and obnoxious is a good word. Any chance she get she goes whining to our supervisor about something she thinks I have or have not done. Witch get a friggin life. I am sick and tired of smiling pretty and trying to be nice to you when you can't even say hello when you walk by my desk in the morning. You are mean and you are a evil. This woman once told my boss during one of our discussions that she was raised "a good irish catholic girl". Umm yeah, whatever the heck that means. If that means judging everyone that walk by, trying to get people in trouble for petty things, purposely causing trouble, and just downright being rude to others, then yeah I guess you were raised that way. Oh and just because you have 92870298347 pictures of Jesus is your cubicle does not make you a good Christian. It just makes you a hypocrite.

Okay now that I have that out of my system. Ugh. It just makes me so happy for the weekend. Tomorrow DH is going to the Michigan game and I am going to take the minis to Home Depot. They do this free woodworking project the first Sat. of each month and the kids love doing it. I believe they are making wooden fire engines this month. Correction, I am making wood fire engines this month. They are too cute, but way too little to do all that hammering. It is a fun time though. Then maybe we will hit up the apple orchard. Good times, good times.

So I am thinking that I need a fill. I ate an entire cheeseburger for breakfast. And in like 10 minutes. So very bad. I need to face the facts. I am failing here. I am not following the bandster rules I should be and I need to start doing it now. I keep putting off this fill because I get sick when I eat, but I am eating too much. I am taking huge bites which is what is causing my sickness. I am just eating how I used to eat and I need to change that.

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