Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Well darn it...

I missed a day lol.

So I got my fill yesterday after a whole lot of complaining about it. My surgeon does not like to do fills before he goes on vacation, and of course he is going to Mexico next week. Plus he was in a crabby mood yesterday. Plus I had to deal with this because I was working in his office (as I used to) to help out. So I had to wait until he was in a good mood from some compliant patients and they sneak myself in the exam room. Then I turned on the waterworks. Needless to say it worked. I am back up to 3cc in my band. And I actually followed my full liquid diet yesterday and so far today. Usually I do not do that, but I am a little freaked out that this may be a bit much of a fill. Last time I was at 3cc I needed an unfill badly. But since I have been eating so much and gaining I needed something to jump start my weight loss. If I follow the rules it will be fine.

When I started this whole thing I really expected to be at goal by now. I expected this whole process to be cake. I mean seriously, I would just barf if I ate too much. WRONG. Sometimes I throw up, but more often than not I miserably keep the food down. I can still eat until I get sick. Granted it is less than before but it is still not a healthy habit. And it needs to change. As of yesterday I had gained 21 pounds. So yeah, it is possible to gain once you have had WLS.

I am going to be starting group therapy on Saturday. It is only $20 per session and it is every other week. I think it will be helpful. I really need some individual therapy as well. Hopefully this lady will work out and she accepts my insurance. It is important to me to fix up the inside now. I don't think the outside is going to improve much more without doing something about the inside.

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