Friday, January 16, 2009

79 more days

Yesterday was a bad day for me all around. I did not make it to the gym. I ate a bunch of crap. I am suffering for it now too. I just don't feel very well. I have not been getting to bed early and my house is a wreck. I have DD's birthday sleepover tonight. My house is a wreck. And apparently the kids do not have school today. Nice. At least now I have a reason to get out of here early.

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garritygal said...

Stacy, I didn't know you continued your blog. I went to it about a year ago, (can't really remember) and saw that you had been absent for awhile.

My cousin had the big surgery last year. She's lost 100 pounds. 53 years old and her skin shrunk. She looks damn good. I'm still fat. Hurt my knee last year and can't climb the hill and gained all my weight that I had lost. Like 40 pounds. I miss the hill and i miss my bike. I have a spur on the back on the bone behind my knee and I can't turn the pedal with my left leg. I hate it. I try as hard as I can and the leg won't bend. I guess I'll have to have the bone spur cut out when I get the courage to deal with that.