Friday, January 9, 2009

86 more days

Yesterday I hit the gym, and hit is pretty hard. I stuck to my workout goal. I yet again almost crapped my pants on the treadmill but luckily this time I was just about done. Instead of jamming out to REO Speedwagon on the treadmill I jammed out walking to my car. And yes I said REO Speedwagon. I heart them. Deal with it.

So I finally got my email that the Muddy Buddy registration has begun. The Muddy Buddy is a mountain biking/ running race where you and you buddy trade off biking and running through a 6-7mile course. There are 5 obstacles set up through out the course which is where you trade off jobs. Then at the end you and your partner crawl through a giant mud pit. Probably the Funnest. Day. Ever. Any how I click on the link to check the dates for Chicago (where we competed last year) and oh my golly gosh did I see the most exciting new eva. They have added a Muddy Buddy in Detroit this year. Oh yes my friends BG is going to be competing only 40 minutes from her house. That means no 5 hour drive home covered in muck praying for a shower. If you are intrigued check it out at .

I am stoked. And DH is talking a lot of smack. You see he and his buddy have already challenged me and my buddy to an all out time war. And I do not plan on losing this one. Running is not my thing just yet but by July 12th I am going to make it my forte. Biking, I am amazing at. Yeah I am that confident about it.

Back to the training for the day. Today is a cross training/walking day so I am going to hit up the elliptical. I was going to play the Wii Fit for awhile but now with the new Muddy Buddy developments I need to get some good training going now. Food sucked yesterday so bad that I am not even going to talk about it. Here is today's plan:

B- Fiber One bar
S1- 2 hard boiled eggs
L- yogurt/Fiber One cereal/ blueberries
S2- protein shake
D- something involving grilled chicken and brown rice

I may or may not throw in a glass of red wine depending on how good I am today. I have to keep my heart healthy you know ;)

Crap now I am going to be late for work.
FYI I ran from my car through the hospital to the time clock and punched in at 5:oo on the nose. See even getting to work is creating exercise opportunity for me.

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