Thursday, January 8, 2009

87 more days

So I did not sleep through my alarm this morning but I was so not wanting to get out of bed. I slept like a rock last night, can't imagine why ;) So much so when DH came home from his buddies house he found not one but two kids in bed with me. When did they get there? I vaguely remember him griping and putting the kids to bed. It kind of freaks me out a little bit that I don't even remember them coming into my room because I was that wiped out from the benedryl, but since I was not the only adult in the house I guess it is not so bad.

So it is 87 more days until the half marathon. If I keep constantly reminding myself of how much time I have left it will help me to focus on getting all my training days in properly. Today I am scheduled to do 30-45 minutes of running. I am still a bit sore from Tuesday but I will live. So treadmill city here I come. I am not the biggest fan of the treadmill but it is a necessary evil to make sure I am pacing myself properly. I am a super slow runner. Plus I have not done it in a long time so I have to build myself back up from super duper pooper slow to just regular really slow. After today I am off for running until Sunday, which is my long day of 6 miles. I would really like these 6 miles if they were outdoors but since it is a frigid 15 degrees out right now I don't foresee any sunny warmth in the near future. But I am thinking the indoor track for that instead of the treadmill. Now I just have to figure out what my kiddies did with my lap counter.

Oh and I have been so obsessed with Twitter lately. I could smack J for that one.

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