Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Walgreens is not at the top of my happy list right now. But it is number one on my poop list. 

This afternoon the girl child and I spent some time taking pictures for her science fair project. Since the CVS website hates me and I was too lazy to walk all the way into Walmart I sent them over to Walgreens to be processed. Well the first strike was when the store closest to me was not available for online orders, so I had to drive about 10 more minutes instead of the original 2 I had planned on. Then I have to drive through the aftermath of a lovely snowstorm. Strike 2 because I dislike snow. So I get there 15 minutes after my pics are due to be ready and naturally they have yet to receive my order because their downloads have been slow. But the manager will take my info and give me a call when he finds out what is going on. Ummm hello? It is crappy out and why would I want to go out in it again? Strike 3. Really just don't go to Walgreens for pictures. Good rebates, coupon deals, sure. Pictures, not so much.

The moral here? Don't change it up if it's already working. Even if it is for laziness sake. My photos are back at Walmart.

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Anonymous said...

are you going to be writing in February?

I'm a asshole.