Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hit my goal

I made it to the gym today folks!!!!! Oh yeah, go me But I did do it. Now the biggie will be the 6 miler on Sunday. Right now I am feeling pretty good about it. I just have to keep myself positive and load up the i pod with some wicked cool tunes. Did I just say wicked cool? That is so 1989. Or 5 year oldish because my son says it all the time. 

Speaking of kids my daughter birthday is next week. Since my recently retired father is feeling some twangs of guilt for leaving for Florida before ringing in the big 08 he found it necessary to buy her an extra special gift of the Nintendo DS variety. Not that I mind the gift, because I really truly appreciate all my parents do for us, but there are going to be some all out brawls in the house for the next 5 months until the boys birthday. Because you can't do for one and not do for the other, right? Personally I prefer the Wii because we can all play together and everyone is usually pretty tired and sweaty afterward. If we have to spend all winter inside at least we are getting a workout playing video games. 

So I still have to figure out a dinner plan here. We are going to my parents house before the girl's dance class so they can say bye to their Papa and give him lots of love and well wishes as he loves us for the sunny warmth of the south. Oh how I envy him. Needless to say we probably will not get home until 7 and that is way too late for dinner. I have not had fast food yet this year and I would really like to keep it that way. What's a girl to do?

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