Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's a new day

Really it is 3:50am and I am not tired. For the first time in a long time I got up with my alarm. No snooze button for 20 minutes, no complaining. Just got up and got myself ready. I definitely feel good about that. Not just that, I feel good all over. And the comment you left me Deb felt really nice. Thanks. You inspire me as well with how you have picked up and returned to school and with all of the beautiful art you create. We need to trade tips =)

So today my dilemma is lunch. My mother has graciously offered to take me out to Miller's for a burger. Those of you in the Detroit area know Miller's. Or live under a rock. At any rate Miller's serves up the most fabulous delicious burgers in the world. Which is probably equivalent to my entire days worth of calories. It is just that good. And given enough time and removal of the top bun (bread is hard for me to eat) I can eat the whole burger. So do I say yay or nay?

Who am I kidding? It is free lunch and Miller's. Of course I am having the burger. We are going for normalcy here and normal people eat burgers. 

Oh and today I have some running to do. My official training still does not start until Feb but I think I have mentioned that 14 times now. But the bonus is that the running is getting easier. I wonder how much easier it will be at 150 pounds?

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