Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My two favorite College football teams are Michigan and who ever is playing Ohio State

I think last night when I told my husband to wake me up near the end of the Fiesta Bowl last night I meant in the last 2 minutes, not with more than 10 minutes left to go. And I am certain it was only if there was a blow out and Ohio State was losing. Now he got the losing part right, but I did not sign up to watch OSU march down the field not once, but twice and take the lead. Or to watch Texas get the ball with 2:10 left, down by 4, 81 yards from the end zone. Now if would have fared him well to wake me up with 16 second left as Texas scored that touchdown. Exciting? Absolutely. But at Midnight on a work night? Not so much. Football on the east coast is no good if you work at 5am. 

So yesterday I did not make it to the gym. I did spend over an hour on the Wii fit and had some quality time with my husband. I think that fit better in my plan than doing the gym alone. But with the trade off being not as vigorous of a workout I know I need to get to the gym today. My eating at work was pristine, but at home not so clean. Going to the gym definitely helps me to eat better. 

My plan:
Exercise- Running on the treadmill for at least 1 hour
Food- B-Fiber 1 bar, S1- Fiber 1 cereal and milk, L- leftover chicken and rice, S2- protein shake, D-taco bake
Water- 80 ounces

Wish me luck.

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