Monday, January 5, 2009


I am constantly amazed at how people can truly believe that God does not exist. For me to believe that I would have to believe that my life consists of a giant series of coincidences. I just don't feel my life can be that way. For example every week I go to church the message being delivered is solely for my purpose. Now I *know* that is not the case but it certainly feels that way. Yesterday as I was feeling so apprehensive about getting back on the bandwagon, to not only lose the rest of this weight but get my life under control, I received the most amazing message of hope and strength. Goodbye Ordinary, Hello Extraordinary. Here is the gist of it: While we were designed by God to live extraordinary lives many of us settle for ordinary. We have low expectations, we lack effort, we settle, we are paralyzed with fear, we have lost sight of the dream. The result? We live for safety and comfort. Wow. How much does this describe my life at this very moment? I never really try because I am afraid of failure. I would rather never win than put myself out there to possibly lose. That is such a sad fact considering I was designed by God to live an extraordinary live. He loves me and wants me to live the life he designed but I keep resisting and holding back. Only through him will I ever achieve greatness. I have been looking at this whole thing wrong. With him I will never fail. He will carry me through on the days I can't do it myself. I just feel like this huge weight has been lifted. I know i can do this.

(Blue text are the words of Northridge Church and not my own~ I don't want anyone thinking any plagiarizing is going on here =))

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