Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Is wine an appropriate chaser for benedryl? I am feeling like it is right now. I am pooped. Extremely tired. Tired enough that I am blogging this tonight for fear I will sleep through my 15 minute blogging time slot in the am. 3:45 might be too early for me tomorrow. I am cranky, tired, and having some sort of allergic reaction. Probably to life. At least today anyhow. Food is pretty much shot, but we can get to that later.

So I had an appointment with the hand surgeon at 10am today. I made this appointment some time in early December when I was having some major pain in my left hand. I chalked it up to an old softball injury acting up again. I have had the pain off and on for years but it was uber bad in December. Probably due to my bread making frenzy. I have since alleviated the problem by acquiring a bread maker to do my kneading. But I digress. So I have to wait so long because, of course, my brain only wants the best for my body. Well, at least when surgery may be involved. So I waited for the best. Anyhow I get in there finally and within 3 minutes of questioning and hand holding he says he is pretty sure he know what's wrong. Sends me back for a few more x-rays. We check them out and he tells me I have carpal tunnel syndrome. In both hands. Now I am not surprised because my Mom dealt with the same thing, but I was surprised that is what was causing the pain. So now I have to meet with the nerve doctor and wear these nifty wrist braces at night. And by nifty I mean bulky and uncomfortable. And by at night I mean every night. When I sleep. Giant bulky braces on my wrists. I am now 28 with 50 year old hands. Even worse I have been forbidden any weight training that involves holding weights. And kamikaze cleaning. I snorted a bit when he said that. So needless to say no gym today since I was sulking.

And eating...not so good. Again eating at work was great. At home I stink. Plus with the whole carpal tunnel thing just sent me into a frenzy. But tomorrow is a new day. I still made what was on the dinner plan and I even did the dishes in my weakened condition lol. How long can I milk this?

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