Thursday, February 19, 2009

For the Love of God

Please, please, please take this head cold away. I am definitely getting better, my throat doesn't hurt, my cough is a bit more productive, I sound less like a frog, my hunger is returning. But I can not stand up without getting dizzy. I guess if anyone wants to call me a snot today, it would be a fairly accurate description. But hey at least this cold has kept me from really eating too much this week. Doesn't matter though, I still don't want to step on the scale. It used to be fun when I was losing weight and now it is just not so joyous. Dreadful is a good word. Even if I have had a good eating and working out week I dread the scale.

I have decided I am going to do the half marathon at the end of May. For sure going to do it. I have found a training partner at work and she is going to train for it as well. Well, I guess it is more of an accountability partner actually. We are not training together at the same location but we are doing the same training plan and race. I know I could have worded that much more eloquently minus the snot in my head. Bah, I don't care right now.

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