Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Yes J, I will be writing in February...

So I am back after my hiatus. The Superbowl was last week and it really effed up my week in it's entirety. No working out, not eating well, not sleeping well, no blogging. But, yeah, I am back. Don't hurt yourself jumping for joy.

I am back on this week. Sorta. As much as I want to jump gung ho into being the best eater and the best athlete and the best at everything, I just can't do it. At least not all at once. So this week I focus on getting the exercise back. I rode the bike indoors yesterday for about 35 minutes or so and got nice and sweaty. Today I will be doing some running. Outside. Yes, I said it. Outside baby. Oh yeah. Granted this is probably the only opportunity I will have in the next month or so to take it to the pavement, so I am pretty excited about it. And after that depending on the weather (rain, rain, rain) I might take the kids for a bike ride as well. I know they are itching to play outside with this sub zero weather we have been having. But that is it- working out daily this week. If I can get this back on I can worry less about the food.

Speaking of food I do have some small goals for the week. Nothing drastic. Firstly, no cafeteria food. It's not that tasty and who know what is in it. Secondly, no more flavored milk. Really I don't need any fake strawberry or fatty chocolate whole milk. No matter how delicious it might be. And finally, I am cooking dinner every night this week. Well, with the exception of my anniversary Saturday. And by cooking I mean food not in a box. Challenging, yes. For me at least.

So there is your post J. I will be back tomorrow to let you know how the Hawaiian chicken turns out.

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