Tuesday, March 31, 2009

P90X Day 30 Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, oh my

Obviously we are missing some days here. Really this should be listed as Day 29. But yesterday I had to meet a friend (our mutual friend's father passed away and she was very close to him)hat was in town from AZ for the funeral. So yesterday did not happen. I decided to ditch the plyo today and do yesterdays workout today. So that is where we stand. As for last week, well I was too busy for blogging. So we now begin again in week 5.

What can I say about today? Oh, I know. Ouch. Ouch is a great word. I can already tell I am going to be hella sore tomorrow. Tylenol has already been taken. Dishes were difficult to lift up into the cabinets. It's not going to be pretty. I am actually wishing for the dreaded push up/pull up workout that started it all. This one is much more difficult. But I did manage to show hubs two man push ups a few minutes ago. Now that is improvement.

Tomorrow is Back and Biceps. I think I am going to like that one. I like bicep work. And I am loving my new 20lb resistance band.

Friday, March 27, 2009

P90X Day 24 and 25

So apparently recovery in my book means not doing any of my workouts. I have been out and walking and riding the bike, but just not so good on the P90Xing. Which I am okay with. I wanted to do this for the strength training that comes along with it. I did not get into it for the cardio. And I am letting my muscles recover this week. The weather looks like it is finally starting to warm up. Finally! I want to get outside and play. At any rate I have not yet decided if I am going to do the core synergistics workout today or not. I certainly do not like it but since hubs is home I might be able to con him into doing it with me.

On a very sad note, one of my friend's fathers passed away a couple hours ago. This friend also lost her sister to cancer a few years ago. It is just so much sadness for one family and it hurts my heart. My best friend who is out in Arizona is beside herself. This man was like a second father to her. And she is frantically trying to find a flight out here, but is having no luck finding anything last minute cheaper than $700. For those of you who pray, please keep them in your prayers.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

P90X Day 23: Core Synergistics

Yes folks, it is possible for me to dislike something more than Yoga X. I am not sure if it was because this was a combination of yoga/ARX/some strength crap or if I am just not in the mood for working out today. Possibly a bit of both? But it was rough and I despised it. I don't even want to talk about it right now. Maybe on Friday when I have to repeat the workout I will be ready to talk about it. 

P90X Day 22: Yoga X - My way

I loved yoga today. Wait, did I just say that out loud? Yes, yes I did. Why did I love yoga so much today? Because I didn't do the video. I took a nice walk/jog for a bit over an hour and did a nice big fat namaste at the end of it. I had to include a bit of the yoga, eh? Anyhow it felt good to run. As much as I feel like I am getting no results, my running was much, much easier than it has been in the past. And even if I only ran 1 mile out of the 4 it was not nearly as stressful as it has been in the past. That is a good thing. Best of all, I feel good about it. No guilt in not doing the yoga. My real purpose in doing the P90X is to get some sort of routine going again, and to get some weight training going on. I absolutely love the weight training aspect of this series. I love doing it at home and not at the gym in front of people. Now I have to add the cardio in. I need to get to the metro park and start running and biking daily. I have a big summer of races I want to commit to and I have to get training for that.

Monday, March 23, 2009

P90X Day 20 and 21

I am so busy on the weekends that maybe I will just continue to post both days together come Monday morning. Anyhow it was just an easy Kenpo workout and rest day for me. Nothing major to blog about. My eating was atrocious. I basically took the second half of the week off from diet because a. I was having some massive pms; b. I was ticked that I had no weight loss for the previous week of pristine eating; c. I was just a giant beyotch and needed to be fed sugar and butter. Needless to say I managed to gain 5 pounds since last week. I am not stupid, I know it is water from the ginormous amounts of salt that entered my body (yummy movie theater popcorn). There is just no way possible that I ate over 15,000 calories more than I burned. It's not like I was hooked up to an IV drip full of butter. Nor would I want to be. I wanna eat that stuff baby not shoot it up into my veins. So now I am bloated and crabby and had to be at work at 4am. Blech. And my band has been giving me some issues this weekend. That means I need to just take in fluids for a few days. Oh joy. But hey it is recovery week, so I can look forward to that right? Hmm, what is Monday's workout? Recovery could make me a happy girl. What could it be? Huh? Huh?

Oh wait. Yoga. And we all know how much I *love* Yoga.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

P90X Day 19: Legs and Back

Ahhh the last day of weight training before my "recovery" week. We got a new heavy duty 20 lb band for the pull ups and dang does that make a difference. My back is definitely feeling it today. My son got a kick out of doing the sneaky lunges with me, as well as the triple lunge with a kick things. Yeah, I know I am super technical when it comes to describing the exercises. 

Last night we had a few friends over. It was a good time playing rock band and having some delicious buffalo chicken dip and loaded baked potato dip. I am regretting sending ALL the leftovers home with my friend but I know it is better I don't eat anymore of that stuff. Doesn't stop me from wanting it though.

Friday, March 20, 2009

P90X Day 18: Yoga X

My mother told me if I didn't have anything nice to say I shouldn't say anything at all.

So I don't have much to say about Yoga X. I am trying, I really am. But it is just. so. boring. And long. 1.5 hours is too much. And next week is recovery week, which means I have 2 DAYS of this workout. I kind of want to cry thinking about it.

PMS has arrived with a vengeance. I have reached depths of bitchiness that I never knew were possible. I yelled at old ladies driving too slow. Gave dirty looks to the cashier at the u-scan who obviously had no idea what she was doing. I broke a nail throwing a cheeseburger across the table. I yelled and screamed and carried on like a 2 year old. Eventually I made my kid cry and then felt incredibly guilty about it. I am really starting to think I might have PMDD. I am seriously going from zero to bitch in 2.3 seconds. Mood swing like crazy. And just completely lose control of my anger. It seriously scares me sometimes.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

P90X day 17: Arms and Shoulders

I am not really sure why this is my favorite workout but it really is. I think it might be because when I am holding weights in my hands, the veins in my hands pop out. That might not seem significant to some, but when you have lot a large amount of weight you start to notice things on your body that you could not see before. Things like collar bones come out of nowhere and veins start popping out of your hands. So I equate seeing my veins to not being as fat as I was. Plus I can really do this workout well. The tricep stuff not so much as the others, but nonetheless, I am getting a good workout. The only other significant thing to mention beyond the vein issue is that I only did half of the first set of the lying down tricep raise thingies because the dog (I am dog sitting for my parents) got all excited when I got on the floor and started licking my face and rolled over on top of me. This is a big fat 90 lb. yellow lab, not some little terrier. So I was laughing too hard and did not want to hurt the pup. But I got it all in and I was happy about it. The tricep chair raises are a little easier. I still have my knees bent but I can do more than 3 now. I can feel some guns under there but short of having a bracioplasty (surgical bat wing removal), I don't know if anyone else is ever going to see them.

Food has been an issue this week. I think because I did not lose any weight last week I am rebelling. My choices could be better, but then again they could be worse. The problem is that i need to get more cardio in, but I just can't seem to find the time for it. It is hard enough to squeeze these workouts in sometimes. And I know that the biking season is just around the corner. Long Sunday rides are going to help. I am looking to do at least one 60+miler per month. Preferably a century per month. I also need to get my mountain bike fixed so I can take the kids out. It is too much of a pain to deal with the road bike, and the shoes and such when the kids want to go to the park. Anyhow back to the cardio. Since next week is my recovery week I am thinking this: I might start to wake up at 3:30am instead of 4am. Get used to that for a week. Then I will request my boss let me start work at 5:30 instead 5. That should not be too much of a problem. Then 3 days a week I can do the CardioX in the am, shower and make it to work by 5:30. That would push my afternoon workout back 30 minutes, but as long as I start right when I get home from work I will still have time to get the kids from school. I just have to make sure I am in bed by 8:30, which is generally not a problem. It will only be for 60 days of doubles, that's not too bad, right? Any thoughts?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

P90X Day 16: Plyo

Well I was afraid today might never happen. I had a very long day. It was beautiful outside and I really wanted to get a nice long bike ride in. My brother and his wife just had a baby yesterday and I wanted to get to the hospital. I had some lovely plyo to do. I tried to get out of work at 9am and finally managed to leave at 11. I got home, packed my bike on the car and took off. On my way to the metropark I realized that I had better go see my new niece first since they were all going to be leaving the hospital and the hospital is about 30 minutes closer to me than their house. So I went to the hospital. Planned on staying 30 minutes but finally left 2 hours later. My niece is just absolutely precious and beautiful. And so teeny tiny. But with the fattest little cheeks. I just want to eat her up. Anyhow I never made it to the bike trail. I picked the kids up, stopped at Subway and took them to the metropark to fly kites and eat. I drooled over all the bikers. Then we came home. 

So the last thing I felt like doing was Plyo. But I turned on the video and had my 8 year old daughter do it with me. I was not too bad. We had fun and I was super sweaty. And we shared a protein shake afterward. So it is done, finished. And I don't have to look at it for another 2 weeks. 

That makes me smile. 

P90X Day 15


Monday, March 16, 2009

P90X Day 13-14: AKA my lazy weekend.

So Kenpo never happened. I would like to give some great excuse for not doing it but really I am sure i could have fit it in my schedule. Don't get me wrong, I was busy. But if I had wanted it enough I could found a way to put it in. But instead I cleaned my house and took advantage of the nice weather. I got a lot of yard work finished. And it did need to be finished.

But today I am back on the program. Last week before recovery. I can hardly believe it.

Friday, March 13, 2009

P90X Day 12: Legs and Back/ARX

Started this workout again feeling kinda crummy. I am just so tired all the time. Well at least when it is inconvenient. I am tired all day and then when I get in my bed I can't seem to fall asleep. What gives? Maybe this will get better next week? Or I will be able to sleep in tomorrow? Who knows? Anyhow back to the workout. I was a bit sluggish going in. I changed it up a bit and did the Ab Ripper X first. I know I should do it last but I knew if I didn't I would never get it out of the way. But I did it and actually managed to do 20 Mason twists with my feet in the air. Usually I just do them with my feet down or up on the couch. Either way I can't get my hands all the way to the ground but I am impressed I did the 20. Legs and Back- Wall squats were killer but I made it the whole time and I managed the one legged ones as well. My leg was not very high off the floor and I was shaking like crazy but I still managed to hold it the entire time. I only got better as the workout progressed. I feel great now, can't complain. 

So begins my weekend. I am not good at weekends food wise, but I am going to do my darnedest to stay healthy. One thing I have done well the last 2 weeks is avoid the sweets. I have had some sugar but not a lot. No candy bars, or hostess treats. That's major for me. I wish I could just have one but apparently my brain was not wired that way. 

Yeah that's all I have today. 

Thursday, March 12, 2009

P90X Day 11: Yoga X

First let me begin with a big huge I effing hate yoga. It is the most absurd boring thing in the world for me. I *get* that people like it. I really do. But I just can not stand trying to contort my body in ways it does not want to go and finding my chi. Heck, I don't even know if I actually possess one of those chi things TH is talking about. Namaste my big fat badonkadonk. 95% of the time one fat roll or another gets in the way of me doing some sort of prayer pose that is supposed to center me. Or something. But I did it any how. I guess I need to pray a little bit more that I might start to enjoy it.

Okay I am not trying to make this a giant complaint but hey I guess I am just tired and cranky and that is where it is leading. I have been exhausted lately. I have gotten lots of sleep so I am wondering if maybe my body is working so hard at night to repair my muscles that I am just tired from it. At least I would like to think that. It makes me feel better about being tired.

So to end things on a good note, I am going to be an aunt sometime in the next week. My poor sister in law is just about finished with this whole pregnancy thing and I couldn't be more tickled pink about it. Now I do have a wonderful step niece from her but this is my first biological niece. The kids are excited about a baby cousin and I am excited about having a baby in the family. My little guy is almost 6 so it has been awhile.

Well I guess I better get back to the family. The Rockband is just not the same without the superstar diva singer that is Mom.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

P90X Day 10: Shoulders and arms

This might just be my favorite workout. It is certainly the easiest. And by easiest I mean it is the only one I can do the whole workout without modifications. It is still hard. But again I am in less pain than last week so it is great. I like this sore thing. Sore is doable. Pain is not. So yeah, I think I can do this.

The kids had a fundraiser today. Their teachers were working at McDonald's, so we had to go get some food. It was packed!!!! But I managed a whole hour there without eating anything. I am pretty proud of myself. 

Short post today. I am already ready for bed.

P90X Day 9: Plyometrics aka Burn baby burn

So yesterday was plyo day. It was also a hella busy day for me. The girl child had dance dress rehearsal at 5pm about 45 minutes away from home. She needed hair and makeup done and ready to go by 5pm. Which meant leaving the house by 4pm. Hubs was working so I also had to take the boy child with me. Plus I had to work and get in a workout. So I did what any normal sane person doing P90X would do. I came into work at 4am so I could get out an hour early and have time to work out, shower, and get the kids where they needed to be. Yeah, sanity is not my strong suit. But needless to say I got in my workout, which means no more plyo for a week. I have a love/hate relationship with the plyo. I hate it while I am doing it, but I love it when it is finished. I think I feel the same about all of the videos though. But at least they go by fast. At any rate I am not having any problems sitting or squatting today, and that was the major issue last week. I am sore but not in pain. And I am okay with that. I do think I worked harder this week than I did last week. Mostly because I was so sore last week. And probably partially because hubs was doing it with me and I did not want to look like a wuss. Poor guy is probably in some pain today. He has been trying to go along with me on this but Monday was his first day of the dreaded push up/pull up video since he missed it last week. Plus he did not do the yoga last week which I personally feel was key in my muscle healing. I don't care how boring it might be, it makes my body feel better.

And onto personal life. The girl had her stage rehearsal yesterday. They are all so little and cute out there on the stage. With makeup that rivals a Vegas showgirl. Competition is going to be a blast. One thing that disappoints me a bit is that the first comp is most likely going to be in Grand Rapids instead of close to home so we are going to have to trek it across the state for the weekend. Not that I hate traveling, I just hate paying for lodging. Blech. But if it comes down to it I will do Kenpo on my laptop in a hotel room. Oh, oh, oh and at rehearsal there was pizza. And I was hungry. I only ate one piece! Now that is a miracle. My food has been good for the last 2 days. I am starting to think I might be on track again. Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

P90X Day 8: Chest and Back Part Deuce

I usually post my workouts the following day but since my father in law decided that the moment I am about to go shower was just the right time to scurry into the only bathroom and drop a deuce (get it, part deuce? yeah, cheesy) I can just blog instead. Besides I have to get into work hella early tomorrow and blogging just might not fit into my day. And I wouldn't want my readers (all 4 of you) to miss me too much. Yeah, I am big headed today.

So the workout was easier than last week. Easy is probably not the right word though. Let me rephrase. I could do a little bit more this week than last week. Improvement. Pain wise,I won't know until tomorrow. But I don't feel like someone crapped on me. Okay this is getting far too feces related now. Poop.

This morning I managed to spill a half mug of protein shake all over my legs. Of course this happened as I was getting out of the car for work. Do you have any idea how cold it is to walk across the street in 23 degree weather with 30mph winds whipping at your cold wet scrubs? It was not the high point of my day. In fact, I am getting cold thinking about it. But my other early bird coworkers found it amusing. And it was. Once I was in new dry scrubs sitting next to my space heater. One thing I miss about my extra 60 pounds was the warmth it gave me. I was never one to wear a coat or ever be cold. I liked winter because it helped me to not sweat. Now I am freezing constantly. And once I lose this last 60 pounds I can only imagine I will need some electric underwear for the winter as well as the summer. 

Eating was good so far today. Other than the half of the protein shake that didn't end up on my pants I had some cottage cheese and peaches (I am not a fan but I am trying here), leftover pork tenderloin, asparagus, and a slice of homemade bread. Oh and the other protein shake that I am drinking right now. I have not figured out dinner yet but I am thinking eggs. I really want an egg over easy. 

Onto other exciting news: I lost 2 pounds this past week!!!! Even with my not so hot weekend eating I dropped some weight. That makes me feel good. I am officially down 1 pound for the year at a whopping 215. I finally feel like I am back on track and I can do this. 

P90X Day 7- REST DAY!!!!!!!!!

Oh how I enjoyed my day of rest. It was rainy and cold outside but nice and toasty warm inside. Oh wait, not with our broken furnace, my bad. I did get the house cleaned, groceries shopped, and some fabulous pork loin cooked up for dinner. Unfortunately dinner was at about 7pm because A. I can't seem to properly read directions and did not have the oven hot enough, and B. the time changed kicked my butt. It was only 4:30pm when I started dinner in the kitchen, while it was 5:30pm everywhere else in the house. Yeah that clock now has the proper time on it. Again- my bad. So it was nice to just kinda chill-ax around the house most of the day. I wanted more sleep but my body was just not having it. My body wanted to move and groove and get the housework done. I am certainly not lacking any energy, that's for sure.

Tonight begins week 2 and the dreaded Chest and Back workout (also known and push up and pull up until you scream out to Jesus to just take you already). Luckily Crystal over at P90X: A Chick's Perspective  has said that week 2 is easier. Hard but less excruciating. I hope to find the same thing. 

Sunday, March 8, 2009

P90X Day 6

Day six means one thing: KENPO!!!!!! And it was easy enough that I could do the whole thing and still get a good workout. I was dripping with sweat once I was finished. It was probably the sweatiest I was all week. Even more so than Plyo day. But I had to modify a lot of the Plyo exercises due to my lack of strength and 217 pounds of hot messness. The Kenpo I could do straight out. And I really believe that my extensive Tae Bo experience (read 3 weeks) about 10 years ago was mighty helpful. Hubs did it with me and he was all over the place. Kept smacking my hand with his knuckles and nearly falling over. He looked like me doing Plyo except he was not about to roll an ankle. I have a few things to work on like the blocking sequences but all in all I enjoyed the workout.

I am amazed that I have made it through the first week. As sore as I was on Monday, I never thought I could do the workout again. Today is day 7 which means rest day or Stretch X. Hubs took the laptop to work with him and thus removed my workout from the house. I may or may not do it later. I have a bit of housework to do and some sleep to catch up on. And maybe a little grocery shopping. 

Saturday, March 7, 2009

P90X Day 5

What can I say about Legs and Back? Or it is Back and Legs? At any rate this was one of the harder workouts for me. Lots of lunges, lots of squats. I could hear my knee creaking, which doesn't necessarily hurt but it kind of turns my stomach a little bit. All around my body does feel better. I am getting to the point where I am more sore and less in constant horrid pain. Sore I can deal with. Sore=Stronger, right? I also did the Ab Ripper X again. Sheer torture, but I did much better than last time. I was hurting but I fought through it. I have 2 whole days off from it and that's a good thing. Today's workout will be Kenpo. Hubs asked me if we get to do it with sticks. He's crazy.

It is 6am on Saturday. The sad thing is that I have already slept in about 2.5 hours later than I do during the week. And I can't seem to fall back asleep. I think I need to work on that.

Friday, March 6, 2009

A little freaked

I always start to get like this after a good week of working out and eating. Friday night freak out. I am sitting here craving all of these things that I know I don't need. I start to tell myself it will not matter. You see, I won't lose any weight come Monday. I never do. At least that is what I will sit around telling myself. I am to the point where I am so used to failure that anything else is just not an option. I don't allow it to be an option. Who doesn't allow success to be an option? More importantly why don't I allow it to be an option? Because I am scared. Scared of failure. How ridiculous is that? I force myself to fail because that way it is my choice, my option. I am trying to protect myself from failing on my own. Because I don't know if I can handle that. The pitiful part of that is that by protecting myself from failure I am denying myself achievement. Denying myself something I have wanted for so long. I am scared out of my mind. Freaked out about the road to where I want to be. Freaked out about what it will be like when I get there. Freaked out about whether I am going to let go and try to allow myself to get there. I need to learn to control the fear. 

Or just be happy that this post kept me out of the chocolate chips.

P90X Day 4

It is going to be 65 degrees today. Considering two days ago it was about -3 I am beyond happy. I don't even care that it is going to rain this weekend and be colder again next week. Today I get to drive home with the windows down, blaring REO Speedwagon. Yeah, it's strange, but it is my yearly welcome to spring routine. The first warm day I serenade those around me with a little REO. It might not be pretty, but who cares?

So day 4 was Yoga X. Hubs was supposed to do it with me but completely lost his composure after the first downward facing dog. Bending over like that is not, I repeat, not an open invitation. So he was forced to leave the room. And leave me with 1.5 hours of yoga. Yeah, this was the long video. I was not expecting anything less than extremely difficult and the Yoga X delivered. The first 45 minutes or so are all these strength moves. Lots of plank, to downward dog, to runners pose, jumping around, make me stronger, push it to the limit craziness. It got to the point where if i had to do another vinyasa I was going to cry. Then the last 45 minutes were balance poses. Now that I can do. Give me tree pose all day long. This is what all the Wii Fit prepared me for. Anyhow, it was good. My muscles felt the best they had all week immediately afterward. I think they are better today as well but let's decide that after today's workout- legs. I am dreading it a bit. I know there is a lunge or 23049 in my future today. And probably 84895.987 squats. Bring it. I worked out 4 days this week. That might be a 2009 record. Oh yeah, I feel good.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

P90X day 3

Day 3 was Shoulders and Arms. Awesome workout. Despite the soreness in my chest, back, abs and legs I made it through the workout pretty easily. Well, easily compared to the other workouts. It was still tough. My triceps are burning today. But that I can deal with. It is the pain I am feeling in my legs every time I try to sit on the toilet that is getting me. But today is Yoga, and though I have no false hope that it will be easy, I know that it will help stretch these tender muscles. That is something I need right now. Did I mention that my painkillers were taken away from me? Yeah, no Motrin allowed for this girl. I *knew* that but until I was giving the BIG lecture about it I was just trying to not worry about it. For those not banded people Motrin can cause some major issues in my little stomach pouch. If it sits above the band it can burn an ulcer right into my little pouch. There are no stomach acids to help protect the lining in my pouch as there are in the bottom of my stomach....so yeah. No Motrin for me. And Tylenol does basically nothing for the pain. I guess I just have to learn to deal.

Food was fine yesterday up until about 9pm. Last night was support group and we always go out for guacamole at On the Border afterward. I knew this and planned for it but darn it if waiter Jeff was not serving in the bar area. And it was happy hour. And the large margarita was only $1 more. And I drank the whole thing. And Jody was sick so I ate more guac than usual. Oh well. At least Jeff comped most of our bill as he generally does and I only had to pay the $4.75 for the drink. I was still so full this morning that I did not have my usual morning shake. That's okay though, just get back on the wagon today.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

P90X Day 2

Plyometrics. Going into this it is probably better that I did not know this was the toughest workout. The one that puts the X in P90X. Honestly though, other than the near broken ankle I liked this workout a million times better than day 1. Probably because what I lack in upper body strength, I have in my lower body. Don't get me wrong, it still whipped my rear, but my body feels better today than it did yesterday. I am a little sore. My gluts hurt when I flex them (that's the butt muscles for the anatomy challenged) and my inner thighs are a bit sore. Really most of my pain is still in my chest and abs. The Motrin bottle is still a challenge to open. But slowly I will get there. My husband is in a world of pain right now and he only did the first set of exercises before he had to go to work. So at least I feel better than he does.

Okay back to the workout. The best way to describe Plyometrics is an hour of various jumping exercises. There were 4 sets of 4 exercises that were repeated twice. The first 3 exercises in each set were 30 seconds long and the last one was 60 seconds. My biggest problem was that with my heavy body weight it is hard for me to do the higher jumps. I did them the best I could but at 217 it is no easy feat. I imagine it would still be difficult at 155 but in a different way. Also because I can't jump as high during one of the exercises I managed to roll my ankle sideways and fall over. I was grateful it just rolled and did not break. But that fall was the only time I had to pause the tape. I did all the exercises, even though some had to be modified. I kept moving and felt great about myself afterward. Beforehand I really did not think the video was going to be that difficult, but it was. I was breathing heavy and sweating profusely. All in all, awesome workout.

The next workout is arms and shoulders. I am not sure how well this is going to work for me since lifting my elbows above my shoulders still gives me quite a bit of pain. And Ab Ripper X is also supposed to be done today. I am going to try and do it, but my abs hurt so badly right now that I am not sure if it is going to cause any damage. Probably, but most of that will be ego.

Food was great again yesterday. Since I have not gotten too specific about my plan here it is. I am not counting calories. I do have specific protein goals set by my surgeon that I am trying to follow. But I can't eat a "normal" healthy diet. It is just too much food for me. So the plan is a protein shake in the am (Matrix 5.0 chocolate, skim milk, half a banana, PB2 powder) which is about 300 calories. Breakfast is maybe 1/2 cup of Fiber 1 cereal with skim milk (I never finish all of this because of my band. I usually drink the whole cup of milk and maybe half the cereal) and green tea. Lunch is whatever is left over from dinner last night. Today it is spaghetti. I have another protein shake after working out- around 3pm. Then dinner around 5:30ish. So that has me eating every few hours to get my metabolism roaring. My protein intake is usually up over 80 grams which is satisfactory for my MD.

And yeah, that is about it. I will be back tomorrow to post on the hell that is going to be my day 3.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

P90X Day 1

So I debated on whether or not to blog this because blogging it makes me more accountable for things. Or at least it should. And I am not sure I want to be held accountable for this one. At any rate, due to the keen skills of my hubby I now own P90X. If you have seen the infomercial then you know that it is portrayed as this hard hitting, heavy duty, butt kicking, workout video video series. If you own it or have attempted it, you are fully aware that the man who created it is obviously a sadist. Today was my first experience actually trying it. After collecting assorted dumbbells, water bottle, stretchy bands, motrin, and locking myself in my sons room (because there was no way I could possibly risk someone else witnessing my fitness), I did the first workout. Needless to say I never realized that there are so many different ways to do a push up, and that crazy people put them all in the same workout. Twice. Yes, the whole scenario was repeated. Basically, the entire "Chest and Back" video was a alternating different types of push ups and pull ups. And no I can't do a pull up. But there is the option to do them using exercise bands. How fun. Oh did I mention day 1 also includes an ab workout? So after 60 minutes of sheer upper body torture, I figured 16 minutes of ab work wouldn't be too rough. Because apparently "Ab Ripper X" was not the appropriate title. A more accurate depiction would be "Ab cry like a baby, vomit and possibly poop your pants X". Yeah I think the 60 minutes were not as bad as the 16. Finally I am lying in the floor near death and finished with day one. Luckily my legs were still okay because they are the only things that got me up off that floor. Ever get up without using your upper body? I promise it is not as easy as it sounds. All I could think about was taking some Motrin. I didn't even care that I had to have my 8 year old daughter open the child proof bottle for me. I slowly made myself a nice protein shake and sat on the couch for an hour. Finally I get enough energy to get myself into the shower. And have my 8 year old wash my hair. Really, I am fine now as long as I don't lift my elbows above my shoulders. And just to put a positive spin on things, woo hoo, I can't wait for day 2- Pylometrics. I don't even care how hard it is, I am just glad it is lower body.

Yeah, so that was my P90X experience. Bring on day 2 baby. Obviously I got my exercise in yesterday. Food was excellent. No candy or sugar, which was major. Followed all my meal plans. Shake in the morning, tea and oatmeal around 8am, BBQ chicken pizza leftovers for lunch, post workout shake, sloppy joes for dinner. I don't even care that I spent an hour eating, just to have an extra sloppy joe. I deserved it.

Monday, March 2, 2009

The hardest time of day

Right now is the hardest time of the day for me diet-wise. I know I am not hungry but I want to eat. Lunch is in one hour but it seems like that hour is the slowest one of all. This is the time I usually succumb to tempation. This is the time I like to go start on the fun size candy bars. Which might not be a big deal if I could limit it to 1. Heck, I have a hard time limiting it to 5. And by then I might as well of just eaten a full size candy bar because I have eaten the equivent of two full size bars. Anyhow it sucks. I don't like this time of day. I eat and ruin my lunch. I don't eat and I feel starved.

And really I just needed a place to complain.