Thursday, March 12, 2009

P90X Day 11: Yoga X

First let me begin with a big huge I effing hate yoga. It is the most absurd boring thing in the world for me. I *get* that people like it. I really do. But I just can not stand trying to contort my body in ways it does not want to go and finding my chi. Heck, I don't even know if I actually possess one of those chi things TH is talking about. Namaste my big fat badonkadonk. 95% of the time one fat roll or another gets in the way of me doing some sort of prayer pose that is supposed to center me. Or something. But I did it any how. I guess I need to pray a little bit more that I might start to enjoy it.

Okay I am not trying to make this a giant complaint but hey I guess I am just tired and cranky and that is where it is leading. I have been exhausted lately. I have gotten lots of sleep so I am wondering if maybe my body is working so hard at night to repair my muscles that I am just tired from it. At least I would like to think that. It makes me feel better about being tired.

So to end things on a good note, I am going to be an aunt sometime in the next week. My poor sister in law is just about finished with this whole pregnancy thing and I couldn't be more tickled pink about it. Now I do have a wonderful step niece from her but this is my first biological niece. The kids are excited about a baby cousin and I am excited about having a baby in the family. My little guy is almost 6 so it has been awhile.

Well I guess I better get back to the family. The Rockband is just not the same without the superstar diva singer that is Mom.


Anonymous said...

Good job on doing the yoga. I cant do it. Though I DID do 35 minutes of it.

Missresa said...

I don't like Yoga X either... I'm sore right now, though, so it's something that I'm looking forward to tonight. I hate the "reach behind your back and grab your wrist" thingamabob... I get seriously P.O.ed and feel like a dog trying to bite their tail. You're doing great, though, so be proud, and don't get discouraged!!!

BG said...

I can't even reach my wrist. That is one of my goals by the end, touch my other hand lol. Along with doing 1 unassisted pull up. Or even half of one.