Tuesday, March 3, 2009

P90X Day 1

So I debated on whether or not to blog this because blogging it makes me more accountable for things. Or at least it should. And I am not sure I want to be held accountable for this one. At any rate, due to the keen skills of my hubby I now own P90X. If you have seen the infomercial then you know that it is portrayed as this hard hitting, heavy duty, butt kicking, workout video video series. If you own it or have attempted it, you are fully aware that the man who created it is obviously a sadist. Today was my first experience actually trying it. After collecting assorted dumbbells, water bottle, stretchy bands, motrin, and locking myself in my sons room (because there was no way I could possibly risk someone else witnessing my fitness), I did the first workout. Needless to say I never realized that there are so many different ways to do a push up, and that crazy people put them all in the same workout. Twice. Yes, the whole scenario was repeated. Basically, the entire "Chest and Back" video was a alternating different types of push ups and pull ups. And no I can't do a pull up. But there is the option to do them using exercise bands. How fun. Oh did I mention day 1 also includes an ab workout? So after 60 minutes of sheer upper body torture, I figured 16 minutes of ab work wouldn't be too rough. Because apparently "Ab Ripper X" was not the appropriate title. A more accurate depiction would be "Ab cry like a baby, vomit and possibly poop your pants X". Yeah I think the 60 minutes were not as bad as the 16. Finally I am lying in the floor near death and finished with day one. Luckily my legs were still okay because they are the only things that got me up off that floor. Ever get up without using your upper body? I promise it is not as easy as it sounds. All I could think about was taking some Motrin. I didn't even care that I had to have my 8 year old daughter open the child proof bottle for me. I slowly made myself a nice protein shake and sat on the couch for an hour. Finally I get enough energy to get myself into the shower. And have my 8 year old wash my hair. Really, I am fine now as long as I don't lift my elbows above my shoulders. And just to put a positive spin on things, woo hoo, I can't wait for day 2- Pylometrics. I don't even care how hard it is, I am just glad it is lower body.

Yeah, so that was my P90X experience. Bring on day 2 baby. Obviously I got my exercise in yesterday. Food was excellent. No candy or sugar, which was major. Followed all my meal plans. Shake in the morning, tea and oatmeal around 8am, BBQ chicken pizza leftovers for lunch, post workout shake, sloppy joes for dinner. I don't even care that I spent an hour eating, just to have an extra sloppy joe. I deserved it.


Jon said...

Good luck on your P90X Journey. I am on day 10 today. Not to discourage you but Plyo is one of the toughest ones I have done so far. I have done it twice and I had to pause it 5 times yesterday to catch my breath.

Keep it up, and as Tony says, "Keep pushing play!"

BG said...

Yeah, I will be posting about my Plyo experience tomorrow. It was rough, but it was an awesome workout.