Thursday, March 19, 2009

P90X day 17: Arms and Shoulders

I am not really sure why this is my favorite workout but it really is. I think it might be because when I am holding weights in my hands, the veins in my hands pop out. That might not seem significant to some, but when you have lot a large amount of weight you start to notice things on your body that you could not see before. Things like collar bones come out of nowhere and veins start popping out of your hands. So I equate seeing my veins to not being as fat as I was. Plus I can really do this workout well. The tricep stuff not so much as the others, but nonetheless, I am getting a good workout. The only other significant thing to mention beyond the vein issue is that I only did half of the first set of the lying down tricep raise thingies because the dog (I am dog sitting for my parents) got all excited when I got on the floor and started licking my face and rolled over on top of me. This is a big fat 90 lb. yellow lab, not some little terrier. So I was laughing too hard and did not want to hurt the pup. But I got it all in and I was happy about it. The tricep chair raises are a little easier. I still have my knees bent but I can do more than 3 now. I can feel some guns under there but short of having a bracioplasty (surgical bat wing removal), I don't know if anyone else is ever going to see them.

Food has been an issue this week. I think because I did not lose any weight last week I am rebelling. My choices could be better, but then again they could be worse. The problem is that i need to get more cardio in, but I just can't seem to find the time for it. It is hard enough to squeeze these workouts in sometimes. And I know that the biking season is just around the corner. Long Sunday rides are going to help. I am looking to do at least one 60+miler per month. Preferably a century per month. I also need to get my mountain bike fixed so I can take the kids out. It is too much of a pain to deal with the road bike, and the shoes and such when the kids want to go to the park. Anyhow back to the cardio. Since next week is my recovery week I am thinking this: I might start to wake up at 3:30am instead of 4am. Get used to that for a week. Then I will request my boss let me start work at 5:30 instead 5. That should not be too much of a problem. Then 3 days a week I can do the CardioX in the am, shower and make it to work by 5:30. That would push my afternoon workout back 30 minutes, but as long as I start right when I get home from work I will still have time to get the kids from school. I just have to make sure I am in bed by 8:30, which is generally not a problem. It will only be for 60 days of doubles, that's not too bad, right? Any thoughts?


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