Saturday, March 21, 2009

P90X Day 19: Legs and Back

Ahhh the last day of weight training before my "recovery" week. We got a new heavy duty 20 lb band for the pull ups and dang does that make a difference. My back is definitely feeling it today. My son got a kick out of doing the sneaky lunges with me, as well as the triple lunge with a kick things. Yeah, I know I am super technical when it comes to describing the exercises. 

Last night we had a few friends over. It was a good time playing rock band and having some delicious buffalo chicken dip and loaded baked potato dip. I am regretting sending ALL the leftovers home with my friend but I know it is better I don't eat anymore of that stuff. Doesn't stop me from wanting it though.

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MandyMoon said...

your posts are so funny, i enjoyed reading them! keep up all the good work!!! sounds like you live in an area like mine, weatherwise...i need the weather to change so I can move around outside!! I will be starting my p90x program soon, so I have been reading all about it in blogs and such. hopefully writing in my blog will help!