Wednesday, March 4, 2009

P90X Day 2

Plyometrics. Going into this it is probably better that I did not know this was the toughest workout. The one that puts the X in P90X. Honestly though, other than the near broken ankle I liked this workout a million times better than day 1. Probably because what I lack in upper body strength, I have in my lower body. Don't get me wrong, it still whipped my rear, but my body feels better today than it did yesterday. I am a little sore. My gluts hurt when I flex them (that's the butt muscles for the anatomy challenged) and my inner thighs are a bit sore. Really most of my pain is still in my chest and abs. The Motrin bottle is still a challenge to open. But slowly I will get there. My husband is in a world of pain right now and he only did the first set of exercises before he had to go to work. So at least I feel better than he does.

Okay back to the workout. The best way to describe Plyometrics is an hour of various jumping exercises. There were 4 sets of 4 exercises that were repeated twice. The first 3 exercises in each set were 30 seconds long and the last one was 60 seconds. My biggest problem was that with my heavy body weight it is hard for me to do the higher jumps. I did them the best I could but at 217 it is no easy feat. I imagine it would still be difficult at 155 but in a different way. Also because I can't jump as high during one of the exercises I managed to roll my ankle sideways and fall over. I was grateful it just rolled and did not break. But that fall was the only time I had to pause the tape. I did all the exercises, even though some had to be modified. I kept moving and felt great about myself afterward. Beforehand I really did not think the video was going to be that difficult, but it was. I was breathing heavy and sweating profusely. All in all, awesome workout.

The next workout is arms and shoulders. I am not sure how well this is going to work for me since lifting my elbows above my shoulders still gives me quite a bit of pain. And Ab Ripper X is also supposed to be done today. I am going to try and do it, but my abs hurt so badly right now that I am not sure if it is going to cause any damage. Probably, but most of that will be ego.

Food was great again yesterday. Since I have not gotten too specific about my plan here it is. I am not counting calories. I do have specific protein goals set by my surgeon that I am trying to follow. But I can't eat a "normal" healthy diet. It is just too much food for me. So the plan is a protein shake in the am (Matrix 5.0 chocolate, skim milk, half a banana, PB2 powder) which is about 300 calories. Breakfast is maybe 1/2 cup of Fiber 1 cereal with skim milk (I never finish all of this because of my band. I usually drink the whole cup of milk and maybe half the cereal) and green tea. Lunch is whatever is left over from dinner last night. Today it is spaghetti. I have another protein shake after working out- around 3pm. Then dinner around 5:30ish. So that has me eating every few hours to get my metabolism roaring. My protein intake is usually up over 80 grams which is satisfactory for my MD.

And yeah, that is about it. I will be back tomorrow to post on the hell that is going to be my day 3.

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