Monday, March 23, 2009

P90X Day 20 and 21

I am so busy on the weekends that maybe I will just continue to post both days together come Monday morning. Anyhow it was just an easy Kenpo workout and rest day for me. Nothing major to blog about. My eating was atrocious. I basically took the second half of the week off from diet because a. I was having some massive pms; b. I was ticked that I had no weight loss for the previous week of pristine eating; c. I was just a giant beyotch and needed to be fed sugar and butter. Needless to say I managed to gain 5 pounds since last week. I am not stupid, I know it is water from the ginormous amounts of salt that entered my body (yummy movie theater popcorn). There is just no way possible that I ate over 15,000 calories more than I burned. It's not like I was hooked up to an IV drip full of butter. Nor would I want to be. I wanna eat that stuff baby not shoot it up into my veins. So now I am bloated and crabby and had to be at work at 4am. Blech. And my band has been giving me some issues this weekend. That means I need to just take in fluids for a few days. Oh joy. But hey it is recovery week, so I can look forward to that right? Hmm, what is Monday's workout? Recovery could make me a happy girl. What could it be? Huh? Huh?

Oh wait. Yoga. And we all know how much I *love* Yoga.

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Crystal said...

I'm going through something similar. My eating has been so poor. I keep eating out and drinking lots of soda. I had gained 4 pounds during my 1st two weeks of P90X even with following a diet. I feel your pain.

How AWESOME is yoga? Um, not at all!