Thursday, March 5, 2009

P90X day 3

Day 3 was Shoulders and Arms. Awesome workout. Despite the soreness in my chest, back, abs and legs I made it through the workout pretty easily. Well, easily compared to the other workouts. It was still tough. My triceps are burning today. But that I can deal with. It is the pain I am feeling in my legs every time I try to sit on the toilet that is getting me. But today is Yoga, and though I have no false hope that it will be easy, I know that it will help stretch these tender muscles. That is something I need right now. Did I mention that my painkillers were taken away from me? Yeah, no Motrin allowed for this girl. I *knew* that but until I was giving the BIG lecture about it I was just trying to not worry about it. For those not banded people Motrin can cause some major issues in my little stomach pouch. If it sits above the band it can burn an ulcer right into my little pouch. There are no stomach acids to help protect the lining in my pouch as there are in the bottom of my yeah. No Motrin for me. And Tylenol does basically nothing for the pain. I guess I just have to learn to deal.

Food was fine yesterday up until about 9pm. Last night was support group and we always go out for guacamole at On the Border afterward. I knew this and planned for it but darn it if waiter Jeff was not serving in the bar area. And it was happy hour. And the large margarita was only $1 more. And I drank the whole thing. And Jody was sick so I ate more guac than usual. Oh well. At least Jeff comped most of our bill as he generally does and I only had to pay the $4.75 for the drink. I was still so full this morning that I did not have my usual morning shake. That's okay though, just get back on the wagon today.

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