Saturday, March 7, 2009

P90X Day 5

What can I say about Legs and Back? Or it is Back and Legs? At any rate this was one of the harder workouts for me. Lots of lunges, lots of squats. I could hear my knee creaking, which doesn't necessarily hurt but it kind of turns my stomach a little bit. All around my body does feel better. I am getting to the point where I am more sore and less in constant horrid pain. Sore I can deal with. Sore=Stronger, right? I also did the Ab Ripper X again. Sheer torture, but I did much better than last time. I was hurting but I fought through it. I have 2 whole days off from it and that's a good thing. Today's workout will be Kenpo. Hubs asked me if we get to do it with sticks. He's crazy.

It is 6am on Saturday. The sad thing is that I have already slept in about 2.5 hours later than I do during the week. And I can't seem to fall back asleep. I think I need to work on that.


Crystal said...

I started P90X this week as well. I'm so sore! We just have to keep on fighting through it! Good luck!

Missresa said...

I found your link through Crystal... It's nice to find other P90Xers that are female!!! Best of luck to you during your first week. Great job pushing through!