Sunday, March 8, 2009

P90X Day 6

Day six means one thing: KENPO!!!!!! And it was easy enough that I could do the whole thing and still get a good workout. I was dripping with sweat once I was finished. It was probably the sweatiest I was all week. Even more so than Plyo day. But I had to modify a lot of the Plyo exercises due to my lack of strength and 217 pounds of hot messness. The Kenpo I could do straight out. And I really believe that my extensive Tae Bo experience (read 3 weeks) about 10 years ago was mighty helpful. Hubs did it with me and he was all over the place. Kept smacking my hand with his knuckles and nearly falling over. He looked like me doing Plyo except he was not about to roll an ankle. I have a few things to work on like the blocking sequences but all in all I enjoyed the workout.

I am amazed that I have made it through the first week. As sore as I was on Monday, I never thought I could do the workout again. Today is day 7 which means rest day or Stretch X. Hubs took the laptop to work with him and thus removed my workout from the house. I may or may not do it later. I have a bit of housework to do and some sleep to catch up on. And maybe a little grocery shopping. 

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