Monday, March 9, 2009

P90X Day 8: Chest and Back Part Deuce

I usually post my workouts the following day but since my father in law decided that the moment I am about to go shower was just the right time to scurry into the only bathroom and drop a deuce (get it, part deuce? yeah, cheesy) I can just blog instead. Besides I have to get into work hella early tomorrow and blogging just might not fit into my day. And I wouldn't want my readers (all 4 of you) to miss me too much. Yeah, I am big headed today.

So the workout was easier than last week. Easy is probably not the right word though. Let me rephrase. I could do a little bit more this week than last week. Improvement. Pain wise,I won't know until tomorrow. But I don't feel like someone crapped on me. Okay this is getting far too feces related now. Poop.

This morning I managed to spill a half mug of protein shake all over my legs. Of course this happened as I was getting out of the car for work. Do you have any idea how cold it is to walk across the street in 23 degree weather with 30mph winds whipping at your cold wet scrubs? It was not the high point of my day. In fact, I am getting cold thinking about it. But my other early bird coworkers found it amusing. And it was. Once I was in new dry scrubs sitting next to my space heater. One thing I miss about my extra 60 pounds was the warmth it gave me. I was never one to wear a coat or ever be cold. I liked winter because it helped me to not sweat. Now I am freezing constantly. And once I lose this last 60 pounds I can only imagine I will need some electric underwear for the winter as well as the summer. 

Eating was good so far today. Other than the half of the protein shake that didn't end up on my pants I had some cottage cheese and peaches (I am not a fan but I am trying here), leftover pork tenderloin, asparagus, and a slice of homemade bread. Oh and the other protein shake that I am drinking right now. I have not figured out dinner yet but I am thinking eggs. I really want an egg over easy. 

Onto other exciting news: I lost 2 pounds this past week!!!! Even with my not so hot weekend eating I dropped some weight. That makes me feel good. I am officially down 1 pound for the year at a whopping 215. I finally feel like I am back on track and I can do this. 

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Crystal said...

Those crap references are too funny!

Glad to hear about the workout being slightly easier! I couldn't agree with you more.

Congrats with the 2 pound loss! Woo! Keep it up!