Thursday, April 2, 2009

P90X Day 31

Okay we are back on track here. Today's workout was Back and Biceps. Oh my goodness, I am feeling the burn now. Both my entire arms are now on fire and my back is hurting too. I really did not believe in the whole muscle confusion thing, but it is true. I am hurting a bit. So the workout was basically all pull up and bicep curls. There were a few other exercises thrown in, but that was the bulk of them. And the set of 40 curls at the very end was killer. Killer good, not killer bad. Also we got to do 5 set of supermans for 10 seconds each, with maybe 3 seconds of rest in between. For those you lay on your stomach with your arms straight out in front of you. Then you lift your lower and upper body as if you were flying like superman. They burn but they feel so good. I also need to get some more dumbbells. There were plenty of exercises that I needed a 12 pounder instead of the tens I was using. And also a few that I would have liked 8lbs. Today I am looking for a welcome rest from weight training. Even though the weights are my favorite part, my body is crying for rest today. As for yoga today, I am going to try for it. But I have to get a run in first. That is priority. Oh and did I mention that immediately after my P90X I took the bike to the metropark and cranked out 14.5 miles in 30 mph winds? 2 hours of working out yesterday. It was pretty sweet.

Oh, oh, oh, I forgot to mention the best part of this whole workout. The girl on the video was *gasp* just a normal girl. She was not one of the freaks of nature working out on the other videos. She used 10lb dumbbells like me and did the same number of reps. I can't tell you how much more motivated it made me to see a normal person doing this. I know I can't compete with the skinny little yoga dancers that somehow manage to lift more weight than their bodies. But I could keep up with this girl and it made me want to try harder. Loved it!

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