Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sore city

I am sore, sore, sore today. Mostly my triceps and the giant knot in my back. That darn thing just keep reappearing. I think I need a professional massage to maybe get rid of it for good. I am tired of the pain.

Last night I accomplished much of what I wanted to get done. I finally caught up on dishes. Yes, that is hubby's job but sometimes he just lets it get out of hand and I just can't deal with it. So dishes are done. I even shined my sink. It was very pretty. The kids were bathed and in bed super early. They needed the sleep. Badly. I needed it too. I am still tired, but it is manageable.

This past weekend in between numbers at the dance competition my friend and I took our daughters shopping and out for lunch. This friend also has a lap band. At the end of the meal we look up to see the girl leaning backward and holding their hands up above their heads. When we asked what they were doing they said they were pretending to have lap bands. Now if you have a band, or know someone who does, you know that this is one way to help some food get unstuck when you have eaten to much. Sassy little girls cracked us up. Right up until both of us were waving our hands in the air trying to get the food moving again.

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