Sunday, April 26, 2009

Still not quite there yet.

At least with restarting the P90X. Some of the reason being the horribly long weekend I have been dealing with and most of the reason being the dieting. I am still on phase one of South Beach until Thursday. So without fruit I don't really want to have to drink a protein shake. And I really need to drink one after lifting. So I am holding off for another week. But don't worry, I will be back soon enough. 

The dieting is actually going really well. I have discovered a new dessert that is making me look forward to my evening snack. A no sugar added fudgsicle, 1TBS of peanut butter, and 2 TBS of sugar free cool whip. Smoosh it all together and enjoy. It is like peanut butter ice cream. So freaking good. I also have a little milk with it since I need to get in a few cups per day. I even managed to not eat any of the goodies at my daughter's dance competition this weekend, which is no small feat. There were 2 cafeteria tables full of yummy goodness. I survived on 2 slices of deli chicken and a slice of provolone wrapped in lettuce. Unfortunately that was all I ate all day long so by the the time I got home I was a little bit woozy. But better that than breaking my sugar fast, right? 

Other than the sheer exhaustion I am feeling, my weekend went well. Very busy with kid activities. T-ball, dance competition, more T-ball, birthday party, church, church classes for the kids. Yeah, I am finally sitting down. But the most important thing i learned this weekend was though laziness always pays off immediately, procrastination is not a virtue when it comes to deli trays. Who would have thought that you actually have to pre-order those, and you can't just roll up to Meijer at 9pm on a Friday night a purchase one? But I did, in fact, create a rather cute deli tray in the wee hours of the night. 

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