Friday, May 8, 2009

I would walk 500 miles

It's Friday and it's payday. But my check is pretty much all used up. Between my bills and money sucking children I am left with almost enough money for a Butterfinger. Almost. Good thing I gave the stuff up a few weeks ago. One day I am going to not be living paycheck to paycheck. Probably in about 2065 when the Lions win a Superbowl and I am covered in 6 feet of earth. Or sitting on my daughter's mantle since I hear that's a much cheaper option.

I don't have an incredibly busy weekend but I do have some things going on. The girl has dance tonight. The boy has T-ball pictures and a game tomorrow. I also have to sign him up for soccer tomorrow as well. Sunday morning we have church super early since I lost my mind and signed up the kids for some religious ed classes. And I was too impatient to wait until the fall when they would have been offered at a more convenient time than 9:15am on a Sunday morning. I think I like self torture. A lot.

So on the fat end of things, my body is slowly shrinking. It has been 3 weeks since the great sugar detox and I am down 13 pounds total. Not too shabby. My jeans are no longer giving me that wonderful look of a fresh baked muffin and people claim to see it. I think people are just trying to stroke my ego. Probably to keep me from going postal at work. But yeah, riding high on 210 as of yesterday morning. Yippie ki yay.

I have done a bit of walking this week. I did 3 miles Wednesday and 4 miles yesterday. The plan is to do another 4 miles in about 10 minutes or so. But then again we are also debating walking up to coney island so it is not like it is all for the benefit of exercise. I would walk my fat butt 500 miles for a good coney dog. Especially if someone else was buying.


Colin said...

Coney Island dogs aren't the same without Astroland anymore. :(

BG said...

I totally had to google what Astroland was.... It's not that Coney Island but a diner down the street from work. Around here pretty much any diner that serves coney dogs is referred to as a coney island =)