Monday, May 4, 2009

New week = Finally working out?

It's Monday. New week. Things always seem to start best when you begin them at the beginning of the week, right? Except I started my South Beach on a Thursday and since that has been working I suppose I can throw the beginning of the week theory out the window. At any rate, I do want to get some exercise today. I am just debating what kind. Do I start up the weight training again? Do I run? What can I fit in my schedule. I feel like I am stretching myself in every direction. Both of the kids have sports. That takes up 4 or 5 nights per week (and every Saturday morning). My work schedule is going to become much more demanding in the next few weeks. And I need my sleep. That is one area of my life that I refuse to budge on. I need at least 7 hours, preferably 8. And considering I had a nice bought of insomnia last night followed by about 4 hours of restless sleep, my week is already starting out on a grand note. I obviously need more coffee.

So I am down another pound. I am officially the lightest I have been in 09, weighing in at a hefty 211. Considering the lack of exercise last week and my weekend of indulgence I am shocked. And by indulgence I mean a few bites of a soft pretzel, about 7 nachos, and a wicked ton of sugar free desserting. However, I did learn that a good way to completely ruin your appetite is to challenge your friend to a jalapeno eating contest before eating said pretzel and nachos. Then when she calls your bluff and takes you up on the challenge, proceed to stuff your face with jalapenos until your sinuses are crystal clear and you are breathing out smoke. Yeah, it completely ruined the pretzel. And food for most of the day. But obviously worked wonderfully for the diet. I am getting heartburn all over again just thinking about it.

And onto today's food plan. I have a computer class from 11a-3p with a bunch of morons. Well just 2 really stupid people and a couple awesome ones. So I am thinking I will eat my leftover dinner from last night for breakfast, stop by Kroger and get a carb watcher yogurt for snack and a box of South Beach bars for lunch (just eating one bar, not the box). And i pulled out some ground sirloin for dinner. I am thinking burgers on the grill. Hubs is working tonight so he won't be able to eat them all up.

Oh yeah, and running. So not holding my breath on that one.

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