Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Today, today it's all or nothing....

The holiday weekend went very well. The girl child had a friend stay the night on Friday and on Saturday morning we all went camping. The weather was amazing. Some friends came out to the park to celebrate the boy child's birthday and to hang out for swimming and a BBQ. We had some great food and great times. The lake was much warmer than expected and the kids had a blast hanging out at the beach. The parents had a blast sitting around the campfire with some good drinks and good stories. The rain on Sunday morning forced us to realize that our tent was in fact, not waterproof. But covering up the blankets with towel and going back to bed was something that could be accomplished. I read a whole book just to get to end and be so disappointed. And I wasn't even too angry about it. Smores were delicious. The girl child's crush of the century was there. Poor kid is about 5 years too old for her but takes it all in stride. He's good people for a 13 year old. I can't imagine my life when my boy crazy 8 year old is a boy crazy 13 year old. I can't imagine her anger when she realizes I am serious about her being 16 before she can date. At least I have a few more years until she will spend many of her days hating me for being unfair. We came home late Sunday night. I was supposed to go to a party but never managed to get the directions before falling asleep. I was exhausted and slept nearly 12 hours. Which is unheard of for me. Yesterday we took the kids to find some "treasure" at the park. Once we found the location neither Hubs nor I could find it. Leave it to the 6 year old with glasses. Amazing stuff. Spent some time in the nature museum and had some half off slushes at Sonic. Went home to a clean house and had some BBQ dinner. It was probably as close to a perfect weekend as I am ever going to get. Definitely the best holiday weekend I have ever had. I am just to thankful I was there to enjoy it.

So on to today. I was a little late for work. Only a minute or so but considering I did not hear my alarm until about 25 minutes after it was going off that is really not too bad. I guess I need to turn the volume up just a bit. But I had lunches ready and only needed to shower. So now I am here. I have a lot of work to get done today so I know I will be here later than I might like. I also will run 3 miles today. That is one thing that no matter what I am going to get done. Even if my eating goes off plan the running is something I need to do for myself. Just to give some time to myself. To reflect. To relax. I am going to keep a cheerful attitude because sometimes you have to fake it until you make it. Not that I am faking it right now but who knows what later will bring. I have had a pretty good start in getting myself up out of the dumps and I want to keep that momentum rolling.

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