Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Truckin' Along

I am really, really tired. The kind of tired that just sinks into your bones. The kind of tired that has you yawning at every turn. The kind of tired that causes you to nearly fall asleep standing up while you are in line at the grocery store. This is my life on less than 5 hours sleep. It is bad enough when that happens one night but now it has been 3 nights of not much sleep and I am feeling it bad. I have support group tonight from 7-9 and the thought of not being in bed super early is making me sick to my stomach. I need to go to group. The shrink is going to be there talking about food and I need to talk to the shrink. Despite the fact that my food demons have quieted in the recent weeks, I still know they are lurking deep inside waiting to jump back out when I am having a weak moment. I just want to know how to keep them from ruling my life. But at the same time I need some freaking sleep. It hurts to type and considering my job entails me to be at a computer most of the day....well again crying comes to mind. I am too tired to even make a witty comment.

Yesterday I high tailed it to Meijer and bought myself a few boxes of South Beach bars. They were on sale (most importantly) and I am a sucker for some good convenience food. Most people think diet bars are gross but having tried a few extremely foul protein bars/carb bars/dog food/funk I must say that these are pretty amazing. I had a Fiber Fit Smores granola bar last night and it was delicious. The only downside would be the freighter horn rivaling gas that I was tooting away in bed last night. But if you are like me and find farts hilarious (more so because I get the opportunity to dutch oven the Hubs) then this might be a good addition to your diet. Hey, I never said I was mature. And I personally believe that everyone thinks flatulence is funny. I am just one of those who admits it. However, eating one right now with my coffee may prove to be a less than smart decision professionally. Farting on my husband is one thing, but farting on my boss is quite another. Okay, okay, I am done with the gas.

I did get out on the bike yesterday at the metropark and rode 10 miles. It took me roughly 45 minutes to do and wiped me out. I did the second half much faster than the first since on the return I rode in the road instead of the bike path. It is amazing how much faster I ride in the street than on the path. We are talking 12.5mph vs 16-18 mph. I am really upset about not being able to do the PALM this year. I hope girl child's dance stuff does not fall on that week next year. I really, really want to go again.

I am planning to get out and run today after work. I even brought my clothes so I don't have to go home first. But since I plan on running every day and it has been a week since I have, I am not going to say it is set in stone. But it is my plan.

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