Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Posting just to post.

I am just feeling so blah today. I don't know if it is let down from the Muddy Buddy being over or just some rather harsh PMS. Or maybe even a bit of both. At any rate, I am in a nasty bit of a funk.

The Muddy Buddy was great. I was lucky to have a partner that wanted to do the majority of the running. My strategy was to just bike the hell out of the biking portions and walk the running portions. It served me well. I suck at running but I don't completely suck at biking. We did improve our time by 14 minutes from last year so we must have done something right.


Julianna said...

I'm the lucky one.

Anonymous said...


I'm new here and just wanted to drop by with a little "hello" message (sorry if I have posted in the wrong section!)

My name is Courtney, mom to two lovely boys, and a parttime soccer coach!

I'm here to sniff around and gather some information, so please welcome me :O)

Have a fantastic day!

Anonymous said...

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