Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Almost there

One more day until we pay the bills. I know this is not fat girl related but it is current events related. And this current event will never happen again. This has been an eye opener and a complete frustration. But since I am trying to stay positive, I am thankful that I have my pretty pink laptop that I can take to Panera on this rainy day. And thankful for my father in law taking the kids for the night. And thankful that I am exhausted because I do have a job that starts at 4 or 5 in the morning. At any rate, we are doing it and it is almost over. And as an added bonus, our bills will be all caught up once this is paid. Yessiree everything else is caught up. Woot.

Tried to get a workout in yesterday at the Y. Wanted to swim but of course both lap lanes were taken up by a class. So after waiting an hour and getting no where, Hubs and I took some nice warm showers and promptly cancelled our membership. We were starting to hate it anyhow. We found a new place and will be joining at the end of next month.

Yeah, 4 am is coming quick. Time to go home and get some shut eye.

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