Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bad Night.

I had what was probably my worst vomiting episode ever last night. And it was not even from eating. I cleaned out the fridge on Tuesday afternoon and found my crock-pot in the back full of some nasty funk. I think it was chicken noodle soup. From May. Gross. Anyhow I pulled it out and put it on the counter. Started cleaning, and then the girl child had to go to dance. Stupidly I assumed Hubs would be finishing up the dishes. Not so much. Anyhow, I get home at 9:15 last night. Mind you I have been at work since 6am. Worked from 6a-6:30p and then had support group at 7. So first thing I see is him lounging on the couch watching TV. No biggie. I go outside and water the flowers since they are half dead after vacation. I get that done and go out back to turn off the water and there is a garbage bag on the porch that just reeks. I mean it smells like a dead animal. So I am gagging and walking it over to the garbage can by the fence. Then I go in the back door and the stench really hits me. Ew. Nasty foul festering chicken noodle soup in the crock pot. If I had another crock-pot I would have just thrown it out. So I cover my nose and mouth with my shirt and dump the contents into the trash. Then I try to carry the trash outside and I am just dry heaving like crazy. My eyes are watering from the stink. I am starting to cry and get pissy because TOM is just about here and Hubs is still laying around. So now that he hears me in the backyard just heaving and heaving he is trying to figure out what is wrong. Now a little bit of stuff is coming up and I have the dry heaves mixed in with small bits of slimy spit. And my face is still inside my shirt so I am basically puking on myself. Now I am bawling and heaving and trying to wash out this crock. The sink is full of dishes since Hubs never touched them so I have to get all this stuff out first. I start the hot water and pour probably half a cup of dish soap into that sucker. Between that and the air freshener my stomach is finally starting to calm down. My throat was raw and it hurt to swallow my own saliva. And now I have a headache from all of the heaving. Then my wonderful husband has the audacity to ask me if I am done making myself sick. As if I would put myself through that much strain and stress because I wanted to. As if it was on purpose. Needless to say my throat is hurting bad today. My tummy is still queasy. I am drinking some green tea right now and it is a slow go. Even coffee does not sound good. Not even Tim Horton’s.

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