Saturday, August 29, 2009

Let there be light...

Thank you, thank you, thank you God. We finally have electricity and gas. We are still just slightly short on the cell phone payment, however, the cell phone is a luxury and not a necessity. So if we lose it, no big deal. We have our treadmill and some other things to sell on craigslist and hopefully that will pay for a few extras we are needing. Namely, stuff for my cousins wedding next month. I have to finish payment on the boy child's tux and get alterations for the girl child's and my dresses. And get this done soon! But I have faith that we can finish this up. I went grocery shopping yesterday and have the left over cash stored in an envelope in case we need anything else. Because of the big DTE bill and paying back my girlfriend we had to cut our gas and grocery money down a bit, but since I over estimated for both of those it is no big deal. I am a happy, happy girl right now.

Well, as of late my blog has been taken over by all sorts of financial woes instead of the general I hate dieting smack talk. Yeah, that has totally been on the back burner (minus actually burning-no gas). I am having a hard time fitting things in to my schedule. Work is taking a lot out of me. Trying to balance 50 hours/week with home life is taking a toll. Plus once school starts there will be 3 nights of dance lessons and probably 3-4 nights of soccer. Both of these in completely different locations. Soccer practice I like. There is a walking trail and a giant hill. I can be active there. Dance is a different story. Monday nights are just bad because it is only a 30 minute class. I spend more time in the car than I do at the studio. Plus I was debating putting the kids in swim lessons afterward. But it might be too much. Tuesdays are a bit better. Dance is almost 2 hours. I could potentially get a workout in there. On Friday dance is nearly 3 hours long. No doubt I can fit something in there, but with the boy child it might be a pain. As for soccer, I am still clueless about the schedule. Practices have been Mon and Wed from 6-7. Games-I hope to find out about soon. If Hubs worked a normal 9-5 life would be much, much easier. But sometimes I have to juggle this stuff alone and it gets frustrating. Add in housework and cooking and I am a busy girl. Sometimes I wish I did not have to work. I do love my job, don't get me wrong. But I also love being a Mom and wife and doing all that domestic stuff as well. I might not be the best at it, but I do enjoy it.

Anyhow, yeah. This weekend is going to be about getting the house back into shape (vacuum much?) and planning a working fitness schedule for myself. Sounds just peachy to me.

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