Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A trying day

I started the day yesterday with the best of intentions. I was going to control my own destiny. Well, at least my reactions to the things going on around me. And for the most part I did. And this is a big deal because I had a pretty awful day yesterday. I found out I forgot about some money I owed someone. And I hate the fact that my not paying her made her hurt. I completely overlooked it and felt like the biggest jerk. Then I got home to finding out that in the grand tradition of losing utilities this August that the power has been cut out. $450 to turn it back on. I have about $2.58 in change on my dresser and 47 cents in the bank. Oh this is not going to do. So either I ask my parents to bail us out (again) or we suffer through until at least Friday. So Friday it is. Luckily we are poor so there is not much more than 10 various bags of frozen veggies and bread in the freezer. The bit of meat we do have is going to get cooked up on the BBQ tonight. It will be a grand feast. The refrigerator stuff is going into a cooler and the frozen veggies to my girlfriends house. The kids enjoyed the "camping out" last night. Complete with candles and flashlights. I have the battery for the torch charging here at work so we can play some cards tonight. We are turning this into an experience instead of letting it get us down. It's only a few more days. We can do it and we can enjoy the non electric family time.

So the power outage pretty much killed my plan of going home and using the treadmill yesterday. And the gym was out because Boy child had soccer at 6 and child care does not open until 4. So Girl child and I walked the path and the big hill during Jared's practice. And we went to the gym afterward. I did not get in the 6 miler I had hoped (believe me that was a high,high hope) but I did do 30 minutes on the treadmill and was super sweaty afterward. It has been too long since I have ran. So total for yesterday was about 3 miles. I am going to go for it again today. And who wouldn't want to, seeing as I followed that up with a candle lit cold shower. Amazing day.

Oh and BTW frozen chicken nuggets cook up very nicely in a foil pack on the BBQ.

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